Video and images of the naturist resort in Cap d’Agde

There is only few material available in the form of photos and videos from the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. The reason for this is, that until recently it was strictly forbidden to take photos or make films and videos in the naturist resort of Cap d’Agde.

Recently these rules loosend some what and in most places you are allowed to take pictures and shoot video material as long as no other people appear in your shootings without their explicit permission.

However despite these rules, there are still indecent images of naked people and “shocking” video material you can find on the Internet, such us swingers having sex on the swingers beach of Cap d’Agde. These have been recorded with a hidden camera in the past.

The use of hidden spycameras has become much more difficult nowadays, because the police and the security are now well aware of the hidden camera techniques and are trained to recognize these cams and are closely monitoring for watches, sunglasses and other gadgets which could contain a hidden camera. So most of the videos you will find on the internet are a few years old. Even if a video has a recent upload date in 2016, most of the time these are old movies which are uploaded and shared again.

Most of these cameras all look very similar and are well recognizable, partly because people have already tried them out. And also because security and police are looking at websites which sell these products. These days you will no longer get away with a camera watch, camera glasses or other so-called “hidden” spycameras. You can expect significant penalties from the officials in France if you get caught. And next to that the crowd will give you a public humiliation if someone on the beach sees that you are trying to film. Also you will receive a lifelong ban to enter the naked city of Cap d’Agde ever again.

Next months we will collect and review some of these photos and video material for you. If you own some material yourself and want to share it, please contact us. Maybe we can publish it with your permission.