How do swingers meet other swingers?

How do swingers make contact with other swingers in Cap d’Agde?

In Cap d’Agde there are various options for swingers to get in touch with other couples who have come for swinging. For a lot of couples that is a very important part of their vacation. Nudism is usually not that important for wife swapping fans, in fact there are also plenty of swingers who don’t like to go nude on the streets at all.

The main question now is how can you find couples who want to have sex with you.

In the first place, it is good to realize, not all couples walking around in Cap d’Agde are swingers. We estimate that this is around 50%, the remaining 50% are nudists and naturists. We have never conducted a survey, but it will be around that order of magnitude. It used to be relatively easy to recognize other swingers. If people had shaved genitals, you could actually be 90% sure, they were swingers. Nowadays many more people shave their genitals. This is much more common among nudists and naturists too. In addition, there are also nationalities where swingers do not shave a lot, so you can never tell for sure whether someone is a nudist or a swinger.

Various attempts have been made to introduce certain jewelry or bracelets for swingers, but by no means everyone uses this, and certainly not internationally.

It is also a fact that not all couple are dating each other. Just like in the normal dating scene, that there must be a click. Not between two people, but four people should like each other. Physically and mentally. You don’t let your partner fuck with an arrogant person who you don’t like at all.

Having said this, maybe you can imagine, it can sometimes be somewhat difficult to find a suitable couple who will celebrate their holiday at the same time. On the other hand, there are so many swingers in Cap d’Agde (thousands at the same time). It is also almost impossible not to have a match with some couple(s) during your swingers holiday in Cap d’Agde, but you do have to find them.

You can meet other swingers everywhere. It can happen that you have nice neighbors on the left or right that you end up in bed with. You can also come across a nice couple while you are shopping or lying on the beach. But most contacts are nevertheless made in the entertainment circuit.

Personally we think the foam party is the place to come in contact with other swingers. The atmosphere in and around the foam is always very good and cheerful. All though the new foamparty area has made it a bit more difficult. But when people have a few drinks and get a little looser, contact is still relatively easy, e.g. on the dance floor. Another advantage is that everyone is naked, so you immediately see how attractive someone is. And if it comes to sexual intercourse, you no longer have to take your clothes off. Everybody is already nude. The same as above also applies to a certain extent to the pool parties, although we personally find the foam parties to be more pleasant and easier to meet swingers.

In addition, there are sex sauna’s and of course the evening life. Places such as Melrose, Eros, Glamor and numerous other bars and clubs are often visited by many swingers, who are also looking for a fun evening. Nevertheless sometimes it still can be difficult to get in contact with the right couples.

As said in Cap d’Agde are many swingers but the competition is also big. You are not the only ones who like that cute couple who is standing at the bar. Especially if you are a little introvert, it can happen that you end up a litle bit disappointed. If you don’t like searching couples or are not an expert in flirting, then there is another possibility, namely arranging a swingers dates in advance. It works very good for Cap d’Agde Dating! See our page about swingers dating sites.

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