Private parties for swingers in Cap d’Agde

In the nudist resort Cap d’Agde you can find tens of thousands of swingers every year. Aroud summertime swingers couples from all over the world come to Cap d’Agde to celebrate a nude swingers vacation where they can party with other like minded couples. Most swingers are originating from Europe. But nowadays a growing number of swingers can be found, who come from North America and South America. Even couples from Asia, Africa and Australia come to this place for one or several weeks to visit as many swingers parties as possible.

Most swinger couples do not have a problem to act like a nudist or naturist, but in fact they are not. They walk around naked but this doesn’t mean they are people who love the ideals of nudism or pure naturism. For them it’s more a sexual thing to be watched while being nude and watch other couples being naked. This way they know how couples look without clothes when they meet them again in the evening at a swingers club, bar or swingers party. They have already checked them out and decided if they are interesting to play with.

Besides those couples there are also swingers couples who don’t like to be naked at all and they will only take off their clothes when they are going to have sex with other swingers or when it is obliged to be naked such as at the nude foam party or at the nude beach. And of course this will also be the case when they are visiting a private home party for swingers.

You can imagine when there are so many swingers couples at one place at one time there will be lots of spontaneous swingers dating as well. This kind of swingers dating are also small private swingers parties and involves usually only four persons (two couples). But the last 10 years, it has become more and more common that it doesn’t have to be two couples only, you can also have a lot of fun with three or more swingers couples. Private swingers parties where dozens of swingers are present to have group sex together in an apartment or other holiday accommodation is certainly not an exception in Cap d’Agde.

Some of these parties are planned and organized beforehand, while others arise spontaneously when swingers couples are meeting each other in Cap d’Agde. On this page we will answer questions realted to the many private swingers parties and swingers dating which occur in Cap d’Agde. Also we will spend some time explaining what is the best way to get in contact with other swingers and in what way you can stay informed where and when swingers parties will take place and what to expect of it.

Just to be clear on this page we are only focusing on the private swingers parties. The nude foam parties and naked pool parties and other swingers parties in clubs or hotels are not part of the private parties. These parties are accessible to any couple and therefore are not private.