Are dogs allowed in the nudist resort?

Can i bring my dogs / pets to the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde?

Yes dogs and other normal pets are allowed at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. When you are in the nudist city, you can see relatively a lot of people who are walking around with their dog(s). A real naturist loves anything what lives, including animals. Naturists often have more affection for nature and animals than the average person. So it is not strange that pets are allowed in naturist Cap d’Agde.

But this does not automatically mean, that pets are allowed anywhere in the nudist city. Unfortunately in many holiday accommodation within the nudist center it is not allowed to bring your pets.
Vacation accommodations/ hotels where pets are not allowed are: Les Jardin d’Eden and Les Jardins du Babylon. No exceptions will be made here. Animals are strictly forbidden.

Holiday accommodations at the nudist center which do allow pets are: Natureva, Ozz’IN and the camping site.

There are also a lot of other accommodations such as studios, apartments and villas, which will accept dogs and other pets, but this all depends of the owner. Most of these accommodations are owned by private, individual persons and it is up to them to decide if they allow pets. If you rent a apartment in Port nature, it could be that your neighbors were allowed to bring their dogs and you were not.

So if you want to book something, make sure you are informed correctly about the allowance of pets and if you bring more than one pet let them know, because sometimes one dog is allowed, but two dogs can be a little more difficult and more than two dogs is usually a little more difficult again, but certainly not impossible.
Sometimes in a description you can read that no more than one or two dogs are allowed, but if you ask nicely before hand and you are explaining you have really nice and quiet dogs, then most of the time it won’t be a problem.

There also some public places where dogs and other pets are not allowed, such as: the beach, the dunes and most swimming pools. And of course you also do not take your pet to the mousse party, swingers club or sauna. So do not bring your dog to this places. If the police is seeing you with a dog on the beach, they might take your dog into custody and bring the dog to a shelter.
If it turns out that there is a problem with vaccinations, papers or passport of the dogs, you can run into very serious problems, and in a worst-case scenarios your dog can be euthanized. This is something you do not want to happen.

So be very sure all the vaccinations, paperwork and passport of your dog / pet are checked and allright. If you have any doubts contact your local vet, preferably a few months before you go to Cap d’Agde.

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