Where is the foamparty?

Where can we find the nude foam party?

The naked foam party is organized in Le Glamour at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. However this is not on the same location as where you can find the entrance of the swingers club at night. The entrance to the mousse party you will find around the corner.

When you’re facing the normal entrance of Le Glamour (so yout ass is at the side of the beach), then you will find the entrance of the foam party just around the right corner. For this you have to walk a little. If you go to the right, and the beach is at your right hand, you should follow the path which goes parallel with the sea. You take the first possibility to the left and then you’re walking towards the inner circle of the building Heliopolis. (Heliopolis is a building in the form of a semicircle and by going to the left you walk inside its center.)

After about a minute, you will notice a sort of wooden fence at the left. This is the place where you want to go to, because behind this you will find the entrance to the foam party. Usually someone from the staff is waiting outside and he’ll hand you a bag in which you can put your belongings. Also possibly you can hear the music and if not there could be a line of people waiting to get inside at certain times. If you see a sort of kiosk/ bar at the left side, then you have walked a little too far and you have to turn around. Now you can see the entrance better because it is better visible from this side.

But be aware that this was the situation until summer 2015. In the spring of 2016 the complete foamparty area was being redesigned and rebuild. This can also mean the entrance will be somewhere else again.

If you come from the other side from the shopping center of Heliopolis, then you have to walk into the direction of Eden and/ or the beach. At a certain moment you will find a little parking space for about 40 cars on your right-hand. You don’t follow that direction but you are walking along with the curved building to the left. After one minute you will find the entrance of the mouse party at your right hand.

The foam party is given in a special outside area of Le Glamour. It has walls but it doesn’t have a roof. At night this space is primarily used as smoking area. It is a very big advantage that the naked foam party is organized in the sun. It is warm and bright and this gives you a good opportunity to watch the other swingers having sex with each other. And the sun and warmth gives it an extra dimension, which you will get even more in the mood.

Finally we have two important remarks to prevent confussion:
– Sometimes people also organize a foam party outside the naturist area in the normal Cap d’Agde. This has nothing to do with the naked, nudist, swingers foamparty at the naturist resort and is intended for normal tourists.
– At the nudist resort itself, there is also a foamparty at the camping site for kids. Also this has nothing to do with the swingers foamparty in Le Glamour.
This is a litlle, innocent party for kids.

The only mousse party where you want to be yourself, is the naked foamparty in Le Glamour !

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