What are the opening hours for the nude foamparties?

What are the opening hours of the nude foamparties of Cap d’Agde?

The foam party starts at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and lasts until 7 o’clock in the evening. That means during this time the outside area of Le Glamour where the naked foamparty is organized, will be open for public. However this doesn’t mean that the actual foam party is going on for five hours. Usually they start with blowing the foam at around 3 o’clock and the foam machine is not active anymore after 6 o’clock.
Around this time they are cleaning the area where the foamparty was given, because they need this place to be ready and clean again in the evenig, where it will be part of the swingers club Le Glamour.

But luckily after 6 o’clock the party continues for one full hour. During this time you can still order drinks, have fun in the Jacuzzi / hot tube or you go, like most people do, to the lounch area where you can have sex with your partner or with another couple. Or you can just look around at other people having sex. If you’re lucky you can find a couch or bed to have sex on and otherwise many people don’mind putting their towels to the ground and play with each other there.

Personally we wouldn’t mind if the openings hours where a little bit expanded. Maybe they could start half an hour earlier and finish half an hour later. Sometimes you are just getting totally in the mood and then suddenly the party is over.
And no matter what you are doing at 7 o’clock, at that time you are really thrown out. Even if your having sex. You are almost literally thrown of the beds and you will have to pick up your belongings at the garderobe, while you are not completely satisfied and probably with a dick which is still (partly) pointing up into the sky. But you should look at the bright side also. You only have to wait 19 hours and the mousse party starts again.

As said the area opens up at 2 o’clock and it is remarkable to notice that sometimes at 13:45, there is already a line of couples waiting outside. These couples are the addicted foamparty people who like to have a good place on a couch or a bed. The disadvantage of this, is that you have to wait more than an hour before the actual mousse party starts.

Something else which is also good to know, that there could be a rather big waiting queue before the entrance between 2 o’clock and 3:30. The waiting time can be up to 15 minutes, before you can enter the foam party area. It is not always easy to predict if you have to wait or not, because it might as well be that you can enter the place immediately without one minute of waiting. Sometimes it’s somewhat easier to predict. It the weather has been bad the day before, there is a big chance it will be more crowded today. Also most of the times Sunday is a very busy day as well.

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