Where is the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde located?

Where is the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde located?

The naked city of Cap d’Agde can be found in the South of France. This seaside resort can be reached by highway A9. If you follow the signs Le Cap d’Agde at the exit, you can not miss it. The naturist area of Cap d’Agde is located at the outskirts of this town in the northeast of Le Cap d’Agde.
Once you have arrived in Cap d’Agde, you can find the nudist center by following the yellow signs wih the text “Quartier Naturiste”, which are frequently placed at most roundabouts and crossings.

The nudist resort is bounded at the east side by the Mediterranean and in the north by the beach of Marseillan, which is named “Marsellian Plage”.

Marsellian Plage is also the place where the nudist beach (which is part of the nudist center) ends in the north. And this is the boundary of Cap d’Agde itself as well.

The southern boundary of the nudist beach is formed by the harbor of the naturist village. You can not walk any further here because of the presence of the seacanal which leads to this harbor/ marina. From this point you can see another textile beach of Cap d’Agde which is named:”Plage de la Roquille”, but it is not possible to walk towards this textile beach from the nudist beach or vice versa.

If you start walking at the nudist beach from the seacanal in hte utmost south of the nude beach towards the north you have about 2 km of naked beach to walk on, before you reach Marsellian Plage. Because Marsellian Plage is also a textile beach and there are no natural boundaries here, you should be careful, you don’t miss the sign: “End of the nudist beach” or as they say in France: “Fin de la plage naturiste”.

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