Is nudity obliged at the nudist center?

Is nudity obliged at the nudist center of Cap d’Agde

This all depends in which area of the nudist center you are staying at that moment.
In general one might say that at the streets and in the village there is no obligation to be naked. However there are places where nudity really is obliged.
Also you must be aware that you have booked a vacation or bought a day pass in a nudist center. Although there is no obligation to be naked everywhere, people are kind of expecting that you are not fully dressed continuously. If you have problems with watching naked people, or you hate to be naked yourself, maybe a visit to a nudist resort is not the best thing to do for you.

Nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde do not like people who come there to watch them. And if you are walking continuously fully dressed, people will notice and look at you as if you don’t belong there. And probably this is true, if you don’t like naked people and to be naked yourself, book another destination.
On the other hand you will not get arrested or be spoken to, if you are not naked in the streets. Especially people who are doing groceries are not always (fully) naked.

But there are places nudity really is obliged.
On the nudist beach it will be a lot more difficult to keep your clothes on. Some years ago there was a dude walking around on the nudist beach with a large swimming trunks. Clearly he was only there to gaze at naked people because he was walking around continuously at the same spots on the swingers beach. At one time someone really got irritated by this guy, ran towards him, pulled of his trunks and threw it into the sea. This was very much appreciated by the crowd, who laughed and applauded for this action. This guy must have felt pretty awkward, when he was laught at by hundreds of persons on the beach.

At the nudist camping site it will be even more difficult for you to be not naked. Officially you have to be naked in here if the weather allows it. If you’re not nude for one or two times, you will not be addressed to at once. But if this security notices that you are never naked or they are notified by other people, then they will come to you and explain the rules of the camping site and one of rules is that nudity is obliged. Exceptions will be made only for kids and for young teenagers, who are not comfortable (anymore) being naked.

There are some other places where nudity is even more obliged. One of them is the mousse party or foam party. The dress code here is very strict. You can only enter when you are completely naked. Even your shoes have to be dropped at the garderobe. And this is kind of understandable because if you are walking with high heels in the very crowded foam area, you will make a lot of victims with this heels.

Nudity is also obliged at saunas and certain swimming pools. And it could be that some hotels have also rules about nudity inside the hotel.

So in short: nudity certainly is not obliged everywhere but since you are staying in a nudist resort, people are kind of expecting that you’re not fully dressed all of the time. And if you do it will not be appreciated.
If you do feel a little awkward walking around naked go at least a bit naked, like half of your body. Both men and women regularly wear a pareo. You can buy them in many boutiques which are present in the nudist resort. Especially the transparent (see-through) models look very good on women.

In the evening most persons are fully dressed in the village. Mostly because of the temperature which is not so high anymore in the evening and also because when you are going out, you usually don’t go out naked. But for some women, there is not a lot of difference since they are wearing a small transparant top with a miniskirt without panties or any underwear.

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