Do you have to be naked on the nude beach?

It happens frequently that people like to book a holiday to Cap d’Agde , but don’t like to walk around nude (all day). This is especially the case with relatively young swingers, who have no problem to have sex with other couples, but who don’t want to respect the nudism rules and therefore to be naked themselves. For a great part of the naturist area they can get away with not being naked, but on the nude beach itself, nudism is in principle mandatory.

No, you won’t find clothing police on the nude beach, who’ll put you in jail, when you are not naked, but you are expected to recreate naked on the naturist beach and 99,99% of all people, you will find there, is recreating nude. And that is what is expected of all people who go to the nudist beacn of Cap d’Agde.

There are several reasons for this:
First of all they want to prevent that many prying eyes come along, who apparently need to look at people who are naked, while they themselves remain fully dressed.
Secondly, it has a reason that this beach has been designated as a nude beach. If you have problems with being naked, go to a textile beach.
And finally, it’s also to prevent irritation from nudist and naturist tourists. They have booked a vacaction to a nudist resort and expect to go the largest official naturist beach in Europe and then it is not the intention that half of the people are recreating in clothes or swimwear.

There are a few exceptions:
– When it rains or the weather is cold, it is understandable that people are dressed.
– In the evening nobody will be annoyed by the fact that you are not naked on this beach.
– For women, there may be a certain period in the month, when it might be wiser to wear a swimming trunks.
– Children may be required to go to a naturist resort with their parents, even though they feel absolutely uncomfortable being naked. If they are ashamed to be naked, don’t force them. It was not their choice to come to a nudist resort.

If these exceptions do not apply, you will be expected to be nude on the naturist beach. And if you don’t stick to this, you will notice that you people will look at you as a very unwanted guest. If you don’t want to be naked, you have no business on the nudist beach. Go recreate somewhere else!

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