What can you find at the nude camping?

What can be found at the René Oltra naturist campsite in Cap d’Agde?

René Oltra’s naturist camping site in Cap d’Agde, in the South of France, is very large. It is estimated that it covers 40% of the total surface area of the naturist area. If you walk along the borders of the camping at an average speed, it will take you probably about half an hour.

The nudist campsite is fenced off on all sides with fences and barriers. The various gates (e.g. to and from the beach) are all checked during the day and evening by security staff who are very vigilant whether or not you are a resident of the camping. If not you have no access. When in doubt, proof is requested, usually in the form of a wristband, but also name, a reservation proof or key (in case you rent a chalet) can be requested.

After 0.00 am, the main entrance gate is the only way in. Only for pedestrians and cyclists because no motorized traffic is allowed at night, except for the campings own electric shuttle service.

By far the largest part of the nudist campsite consists of pitches for tents, caravans or campers. There is also space for very large camper models.

You will also come across some chalets and mobile homes for rent which offer space for 2, 4, 6 people. They vary in size from 13 m² to 35 m². These accommodations are not cheap. In high season more than 400 euros per day is paid for the most luxurious type of accommodation. For this you will have your own Jacuzzi. The more cheaper models will cost you between 100- 180 euro’s a day in high season. For a normal camping place with electricity and water you are paying around 55 euro’s a day.

The following facilities and services are available on the nude campsite:
– many toilet buildings with hot and cold showers
– a large reception
– a pizzeria (by far not the best in the naturist area)
– an ATM
– several laundry facilities with dryers,
– a place where you can buy fruit and vegetables
– a bakery
– some kind of snack bar
– afternoon/evening activities for the children (also a mousse party for children, which of course has quite another goal then the mousse party for adults)
– dog walks
– various sports and game options including fitness, tennis, gym
– and, of course, the Mediterranean with Europe’s largest nudist beach is right on the doorstep.

The biggest attraction of the campsite is perhaps the conviviality and laid back atmosphere among the “residents”. Sometimes it’s like a big family. The atmosphere is friendly and life is much more geared to naturism and nudism. In principle, nude walking is compulsory here. One time we were adresses by the security, why we were not naked, but normally you can get away with it, if you are not nude all of the time. But by far, nudity is much more common in the camping place than in the rest of the naturist area of Cap d’Agde.

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