What is the price for the foam party?

How much does the nude foam party in Cap d’Agde cost?

The entrance fee to get access to the naked foam party for couples is as follows:
– you pay €25 admission fee at the cash register for one couple
– and you pay €3 at the garderobe to store your belongings

This is not a lot of money, given the fact you have a lot of fun in there for 5 hours.

Singles don’t have access to the nude mousse party, see also our special page for singles at the previous page.

You can expect the following prices at the foam party for consumptions:
– €5 for water, non-alcoholic refreshments and a glass of beer
– €6 for a glass of wine or a glass of rosé and a bottle of beer
– €8 for piña colada
– €20 or €25 for a bottle of wine/ rosé (depends on the quality)
– around €35 for a jug of sangria
– champagne can be bought at various prices, starting around 50 euro

Please be aware that paying with a credit card or bank card is not always possible at this location. Just make sure you have enough euros with you. The nearest ATM will cost you at least 10 minutes walking back and forth and to waste this precious party-time would be a pity, because a lot of nice things can happen in 10 minutes.

Unfortunately strong liquors like vodka, gin and whiskey are not being served at the foam parties. We don’t understand why, but maybe this is forbidden in France during daytime? Also there is no possibility to have some kind of snack or other food here, which is a missed opportunity for the owner, because after all this hard work, people would certainly appreciate to be able to have something to eat in here. And if you want to smoke, you have to bring your own cigarettes, because they don’t sell them at the foam party.

The use of the facilities, like toilets, showers, jacuzzi and of course the foam party itself are free, after you have paid the entrance fee.

If you are not staying at the nudist center permanently and you are just a visitor or daytripper, you should also take into account that you have to buy a (day-)pass to get you into the nudist resort. This will cost you around €25 for one couple and a car.

Parking is free, close to the entrance of the nudist center. Or if you can find a spot in the paid parking area in Heliovillage, it will cost you five euros, regardless how many hours you are staying. But remember to leave this place before 8 pm, otherwise your car could be towed away. The free parking spaces don’t have this problem. You can stay here as long as you wish.

Finally the prices above, are based on the prices of 2021. It could be they are a little bit higher this year. A little inflation correction and also because the foam party area has received a complete makeover the last years. It could be that the prices are a little bit more risen for that reason.

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