General information about the nudist resort Cap d’Agde

The naturist village itself is less than 10% of the total area of ​​Cap d’Agde. So the town of Cap d’Agde is a lot bigger than just the naturist center and is being visited by many normal tourists every year. Those tourists have no idea what kind of exciting things are going on in the naturist village.

Cap d’Agde is a very popular seaside resort in the south of France not only for nudists, naturists and swingers, but also for ordinary tourists.
But these are two different worlds. On one hand you will find the the ordinary tourists on the other hand the people who come to enjoy the naturist village such as the swingers, nudists and naturists.
The worlds are completely separated from each other and in many aspects incompatible.

The ordinary tourists can not land by accident in the naturist village thus they will not be exposed to the shock of seeing people naked or even worse being witness of public sex. The village is protected on all sides by fences, security guards, gates and stone walls. That being the case we also notice that a lot of the naturist tourists will not leave the naturist village during their holiday. Especially swingers who are craving to spend their time in the naturist village as efficient as possible with going out, partying and chilling.

And yet this is a pitty because the town of Cap d’Agde has a lot to offer considering the huge number of ordinary tourists. We warmly recommend to take a little time to visit the center of the town and the harbour outside the village.
And if you do, don’t forget to put on some clothes! You can also take this opportunity to shoot some pictures with clothes for the people back home or post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Because a naked picture of you at the foam party with in the background an orgy , where your partner plays a major role will possibly cause some frowning eyebrows.

The entire Cap d’Agde (including the naturist section) counts in the summer around 175,000 beds for tourists. During the high season they are usually full booked. Beside the long nudist beach there are also 9 other normal textile beaches (swimwear obligatory) which are visited by many tourists.

Soon you will find here more general information and f.a.q. about the normal life of Cap d’Agde outside the naturist resort.