Can singles go to the nudist beach?

Can singles visit the naturist beach of Cap d’Agde?

Anyone who has access to the naturist area, can walk onto the nudist beach in no time. If you book a holiday as a single in the naturist village of Cap d’Agde or when you come here on your own and buy a day pass for the nudist center, then you automatically have access to the nudist beach. It doesn’t matter whether you come as a couple, with a large family or as a single woman or single man.

In principle, you do not have to be afraid, people will be staring at you, if you are on the nudist beach by yourself, because that will not happen unless you behave strangely or suspiciously.
If there is an enormous amount of empty space on the beach and you decide to lie down, so to speak, 10 cm away from a nude couple or family, then that will not be appreciated. The same applies if you keep enough distance, but are constantly looking in the direction of a beautiful naked lady or even worse , you are looking at children all the time.

It should be no secret that men with a wrong sexual interest in young, to name it neatly, sit down on the nudist beach just to watch children.
You don’t want someone to get, even the slightest impression, that you might be interested in this. So avoid in all ways that you could be mistaken for such a person. Don’t stare at kids, don’t even talk to them and keep your distance.

Furthermore, it is also a fact, that it is often a single man, who gets caught with a hidden camera. So if someone is constantly walking the same laps around a certain person or someone is constantly looking around and staggering in his bag, or the bag is constantly being shifted a little, it will soon be considered suspicious.

If you are caught with a hidden camera on the naturist site of Cap d’Agde then you are really screwed. It is a crime to record people nude and you will be turned over to the police right away. You can expect a severe penalty and conviction. Also if someone is continuously filming on the beach, it is inevitable that everyone will be recorded who passes, adult, but also young persons, who are not adults. This is even a much bigger crime and you risk imprisionment. Don’t think your watch with hidden cam, is unique and nobody will notice. The security and police have seen all kinds of “inconspicuous”, “undetectable” hidden cams in Cap d’Agde and are trained to recognize all those devices at once. The spycams which are bought in Asia as well.

As a single man, you will a suspect, faster , than if you are a couple or family. If you behave normally, then there is really nothing to worry about. If you just want to sunbathe, be nude, look around once in a while, take a swim in the sea, then everyone is welcome and it makes no difference if you are single or couple.

By the way if you go the swingers beach as a single, that is quite a different story and you can look around, as much as you like.

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