The trip to the naturist village of Cap d’Agde

There are different ways to reach the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. From most countries of Europe driving seems to be the most obvious way to travel, but you do have other good possibilities too, such as travelling by plane, by train or even bybus. And because Cap d’Agde is located at the see, travelling by boat could also be an interesting option for some of you, who live in Spain or Italy.

As already said the most people from Europe will choose to go by car to Cap d’Agde. E.g if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands and you want to drive on the fastest highways and accept paying the toll-fare, there are 2 routes wich don’t differ very much in terms of driving time. One route will lead you trough Paris and the other one trough Luxemburg. Depending of where you are living in the Netherlands or Belgium, the one route could take a couple of minutes longer than the other one. However the travel solutions tools will often give you contradictory information. So GoogleMaps will show you the shortest route via Paris, while TomTom is considering the route via Luxemburg and Lyon to be a little shorter.
In this example we started the trip in the north but also if you start in other countries, you can get contradictory information of which is the shortest trip. Still we consider google maps and the travelling info from your car (e.g. tomtom) to be reliable and accurate enough to get you there fast and safely.
Whichever route you take, there are some things to consider, especially if you are travelling in the high season and your arrival day in Cap d’Agde is saturday.

Flying to Cap d’Agde is also an option. A disadvantage of flying is the fact that you are able to take far less luggage with you. If you go by car you can start filling up your car’s trunk and backseat with too many of your belongings, but if you go by plane you only can bring very limitted stuff. Also you are dependent of flight schedules and are less flexible than when you are driving. Another benefit of driving is that you always have your own vehicle avaible at the location in Cap d’Agde. You don’t have to rent a car or call a taxi. However this shoudn’t be a big problem if you do not have any intentions to go outside the naturist village. In that case you will only need transportation from arrival location (train station or airport) to the naturist village and back.

Travelling by train to Cap d’Agde gives you the same disadvantages as travelling by plane. And travelling by train is often more expensive and is taking more time. So flying is a beter option if you don’t want to drive and if you don’t take your pets with you.

Soon the FAQ about travelling to Cap d’Agde will follow.