Going as single man or single woman to Cap d’Agde.

The swingers scene of (Cap d’Agde) mainly involves couples who have erotic encounters with other swinger couples. If you do not go to Cap d’Agde for the nudism and naturism then you’ll probably go for the swingers scene. And most people who go there for swinging go as a couple (male/ female), and not as a single. If you want to join the sexual activities in swinging, then most of the time you are expected that you also have something to “trade” or someone to share. If you want to have sex with the partner of someone else, then it is usually the case that the partner of the person you are having sex with, is going to have sex with your partner. And singles do not have a partner in Cap d’Agde, so for them it is not possible to share someone.

But this is not always the case. Within the swingers community it happens more and more that once in a while couples are looking for an extra man for trio sex. In the past, it was kind of normal for a couple to have a threesome with an extra woman. Not only because a lot of women are bisexual in the swingers world, but also for the pleasure of the men. A blowjob is much more fun when it is given by two women at the same time. And why only having sex with one woman, if you can have two.

Anno 2019 emancipation also found its way in the sexual swingers preferences. Women who want to be pleasured by two or more men are no longer considered to be sluts. If men are allowed to enjoy the benefits of two women at the same time, so may the women.
For this reason a single man might come in handy sometimes if a woman wants to have a threesome with two men. Most single men are more then willing to be this extra man, so the couple can have this threesome.

Also sometimes a few singles are allowed at the swingers parties. Again for the women who like to have sex with more than one partner at the same time.

But if you are a single man, it is good to keep your expectations low. First of all most couples are not interested in single men and if they are it is only sometimes, certainly not every day. Secondly there is a lot of competition in Cap d’Agde between the single men, so there must be something special about you to make a better chance of actually getting some in Cap d’Agde. So either you are very social, or very good-looking, or very well hung, or etc. And also very important do not impose yourself, this is always very annoying and that way you won’t score. If a couple likes you they will let you know. Many times patience is needed.

So if you go to Cap d’Agde, do not have to many expectations. If you like nudism and naturism, you’ll have a very good vacation. Also if you like to look at public sex, e.g on the beach, the nudist resort in Cap d’Agde is a very wonderful destination for you. And if you are really lucky, maybe you are going to have sex as well.

By the way single women are almost welcome anywhere. There are very little couples, that don’t appreciate an extra woman, especially because many women in the swingers scene are bisexual. So not only the man of a swingers couple will be happy to see a second girl, many times also the woman would like to play with this single woman.
Next to that in most places, such as swinger clubs, naked foam parties, nude pool parties and private parties, single women will experience no big problems to get in.

Can singles go to the nudist resort?
Every person who has booked a holiday at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde has access to the nudist village. This applies to families, couples, single women and single men. There are, however, a number of things to take into account, if you are a single.

What are the chances for singles to have sex in Cap d’Agde ?
If you are a bit extrovert, polite, friendly, non-intrusive and you groom yourself, you do have a good chance to have sex. Even if you don’t have a huge dick or look like a super model. We know a number of singles with average looks, who go to Cap d’Agde every year and have multiple sexpartners every holiday.

Which places are accessible to singles?
The entire public part of the naturist village is accessible to singles. That means everywhere on the street, in the shops, in the marina, the entire nudist beach, including the swingers beach, some swinger clubs sex sauna’s and more.

Which hotels and holiday accommodations are suitable for singles?
The vast majority of holiday accommodations in the Cap d’Agde nudist resort can be booked by singles, swingers and families. This applies to around 95% of all apartments, studios, villas and places on the camping site. But not all of them, some are couples only and if a single books here, he won’t come in.