The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde

The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde officially doesn’t exist.
In France it is forbidden to have public sex in places which are accessible to anybody. Still a lot of sexual action can be seen on a special part of the nude beach in Cap d’Agde nowadays, the so-called swingers beach. Here you can be witness of swinger couples having sex in public and anyone who is there can watch them having sex with each other, having sex with other swingers or other forms of group sex on the beach.

Around 10 years ago, the former major of Cap d’Agde decided that the sex in public had to be stopped. From that moment there was more police present on the beach. It didn’t stop the swingers from having sex, but it was relatively quiet until 18:30 when the police closed their “office” and went home.

Anno 2016 public sex still is forbidden. Police and security personnel should prevent this from happening, but in reality you can see a lot of sexual action also in the afternoon, when there is still police present. Most of the time they simply look the other way if they see couples having sex on the beach or in the dunes.

As mentioned before, officially the swingers beach does not exist. It is just part of the large nude beach of Cap d’Agde which belongs to the nudist resort in Cap d’Agde.

If you are walking from south to the north on the nude beach unsuspectingly and totally unaware of the fact that there is such a thing as a swingers beach, you will notice at some point that the beach is strikingly more crowded than the beach you walked on twenty seconds ago. Both in the sand and in the sea are obvious more people together than before. Swingers like to be close to each other, so they will get a better view on what’s happening. It is rather difficult to watch (and to touch) another couple if there is a 60 meters wide gap between them. So instead the people are gathering together as close as possible and in some cases the beach towels are literally lying next to each other without any possibility to walk between those towels.

If you don’t like public sex we strongly discourage you to go to this place, because a lot of public sex is performed on this part of the beach.
It’s not like anybody is having sex here, but if you look around closely, it won’t take long before you will see some sexual things going on somewhere. E.g a woman who is sucking the dick of her own partner or of sombody else. A couple who is fucking on the beach. Also trio sex and groupsex are no exceptions and might happen right before your eyes in the sun.

That means as long as watching will be possible, because when it really becomes interesting, a circle of people get around the couple(s) having (group)sex. Many single men who are watching this sexshow on the sunny beach are getting an erection. And they do the same thing as they would do at home while watching porn at the computer. With the result that on the swingers beach of Cap d’Agde you can see a lot of single men masturbating in public, while they are standing or walking around.

The swingers beach in Cap d’Agde has lots of interesting things to offer, but the single men can be a little annoying sometimes, especially when there is a cute looking couple having sex right next to you. In that case you must be carefull not to get trampled by single men who want to come as close as possible.

German people have another name for the swingers beach, freely translated it means something like piggy beach.

What kind of beach is the swingers beach?
The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde is nothing more and nothing less than a small part of the very large nude beach of 2 kilometers long. But what is special is, that on this location a lot of swingers are lying very close to each other and there are a lot of public sexual activities, that can be watched by everyone who is there on that beach as well.

Where can i find the special beach for swingers?
The exact location of the Cap d’Agde swingers beach can’t be specified down to the meter, as there is no official marking where it starts. So it could well be that today it shifted twenty meters compared to yesterday. However, where the swingers beach is located and can be found, can be clearly explained in general terms.

Is there a lot of public sex at the swingers beach?
The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde is mainly visited by swingers and couples who enjoy public sex, exhibitionism or voyeurism. In addition, there are many single men who are attracted by the sexual activities that take place on this beach. You can expect to see a lot of action.

More questions will follow in spring and summer of 2019.