Are there swingers at the nude camping?

Are there any swingers at Cap d’Agde’s nudist camp site?

At first sight, the naturist campsite René Oltra in Cap d’Agde in the south of France looks like a relatively normal nudist campsite, where people walk around naked, sit naked in front of the tent, ride naked on their bicycles etc. etc. In short, where most of the daily activities as well as recreation take place without any clothes on, as you can expect on a naked campsite.

There are relatively many families with (small) children compared to the rest of the naturist area. It doesn’t look like there are any swingers in here as well. And you don’t expect that there will be people, who have other plans than just being naked on their vacaction. However, appearances can be deceptive and in this case they really are very deceptive!

Whereas in the past swingers were mainly to be found in the built-up area of the nudist resort (in the apartments, studios, villa’s, hotel rooms, etc.), nowadays the naturist camping is increasingly being booked as home base for swingers too. It’s not like you’ll find a lot of swinging activities openly on the campsite of René Oltra, on the contrary. If you are caught engaging in public sexual activities, there is a good chance that you will be thrown off the premises and banned from this campsite for the rest of your life. And we think this is right because there are many minors at the campsite too.

So with all this children in the neighborhood and a lot of people who just want to put nudism or naturism into practice, this is not a place for this kind of offensive activities. The swingers take over the naturist terrain of Cap d’Agde more and more, on the naturist campsite itself the nudists and naturists are still the boss and probably they are in the majority here as well, but as said, make no mistake, there are really a lot of swingers on the campsite too.

The “problem”, is that it is often not clear who is and who is not a swinger. In one way or another, people do not advertise is as much as they do in the other part of the naturist village.

However many times you will discover that you are mistaken about that seemingly bourgeois, normal couple with two children and a dog, of which you could never imagine that they also do wife swapping. It has happened very often, we thought: “that couple certainly are no swingers”, until at some point we came in contact with them ourselves at the naked foam party, pool party or in a swingers club or we saw them having sex with other people.

As mentioned before, open sex is not allowed on the camping site. Places where you can still expect some swingers activities on the campsite are in some shower areas, but it happens mostly in secret and out of sight, because you don’t want to get caught.

In addition, of course a lot of partner swaps are happening in the private environment of your own tent, caravan, camper, chalet or motorhome. What happens here is of course entirely up to the people themselves, as long as it happens out of sight and there is no deafening moaning. Finally, just outside the campsite in the dunes and on the swingers beach, you will find lots of swingins activities during the day as well as in the evening.

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