Are there many nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde?

Are there still many nudists and naturists in Cap d'Agde? Yes, we estimate that about half of all visitors who come to Cap d'Agde love to go there purely for nudism and naturism. They don’t want to have anything to do with public sex and swinging. This is an estimate and not based on in-depth

What is the difference between nudism and naturism?

What is the difference between nudism and naturism? On this website about Cap d'Agde we frequently use the terms nudists and naturists in addition to each other and the associated terms nudism and naturism. But what is the difference between those two. Many people think that this is exactly the same. This is only partly

Is Cap d’Agde still suitable for nudists and naturists?

Is Cap d'Agde still a good place to visit for nudists and naturists? Considering the fact, so many swingers go to Cap d’Agde and so many parties are actually sexparties, a lot of nudists and naturists, who have never been to Cap d'Agde, wonder if this place is suitable for nudism and naturism? This question

What can you find at the nude camping?

What can be found at the René Oltra naturist campsite in Cap d'Agde? René Oltra's naturist camping site in Cap d'Agde, in the South of France, is very large. It is estimated that it covers 40% of the total surface area of the naturist area. If you walk along the borders of the camping at