Which places are accessible to singles?

Which places are accessible to singles and which are not?

As explained earlier in one of our previous topics, single men and single women can simply book a holiday at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde or purchase a day pass. In both cases, a single therefore has access to the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. However, that does not mean that single men have access to all clubs and all sex parties that are being organized. Because unfortunately for a single man, most swingers parties are only intended for couples (male / female). Single women have more luck, they can come in almost anywhere.
Let’s start with all places that are accessible to single men.

Places where singles can go
The entire public part of the naturist village is accessible to couples and singles. That means everywhere on the street, in the shops, in the marina, in all the different neighborhoods and of course probably the most important thing on the entire nudist beach, this includes the swingers beach, which is part of the nude beach of Cap d’Agde.

If a single man books a spot or accommodation at the nudist camping, then also the entire area of the nude campsite is accessible to him. But if you have booked in an apartment, then you are not allowed at the camping. This has nothing to do with the fact if you are a single or couple. If you are not staying at the camping site, you have no business being there.

Most restaurants, terraces and bars are also accessible to singles both during the day and in the evening. This also applies to the Histoires D’Ô sexsauna and swingersclub Tantra. Sauna kamasutra is part-time accessible for singles. During the day and part of the evening they are welcome but single men are requested to leave the place at around 22:00. (not sure what happens if they don’tgo or have hidden themselves :).

Places where singles are not allowed:
– the naked foam party in Le Glamour
– the nude pool party in Eden and Babylone
– hotel le Jardin d’ Eden
– hotel le Jardin du Babylone
– sauna Le2et2
– Kama-Sutra sauna and outdoor swimming pool after 10 p.m.
– most swingers clubs (with exception of Tantra, where singles are welcome)
– private swingers parties unless you are invited as a single

Places where it can be a suprise if singles are welcome:
– Melrose bar
– Glamour SwingersClub

Whether or not you enter Melrose and Glamour depends on the day of the week, the crowds, the time you arrive, how representative you look and the mood of the doorman. If you come at a time when it is very crowded, or on Saturday, or the doorman just had a fight with his girlfriend, then the chances are small that you may come in. You have the most chance getting in Glamour or Melrose, when you go early in the evening. This also applies to several other clubs on the naturist terrain, but without mentioning them all, these two are by far the most popular ones.

In short, the vast majority of nudist places are accessible to everyone: regardless of whether you are a nudist, naturist, swinger, family, single or part of a couple. If you do want to visit places that are not normally accessible to swingers only, try to arrange a girlfriend or some female company.

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