Being nude and walking around naked in Cap d’Agde

Every year we receive many questions about nudism and naturism in Cap d’Agde. It seems that there is a lot of confusion about the rules of being naked. People especially are wondering if you have to be naked all the time, everywhere in the naked city of Cap d’Agde.

This question often comes from young swingers who like to swap partners, but do not like to be nude all day long and are hesitating to visit Cap d’Agde for that reason. But those people do not have to worry about this.

Yes it is true, that Cap d’Agde contains the biggest nudist resort of the world. In the naked town of Cap d’Agde you can expect a lot of nudity and nakedness. If you don’t like naked people, then Cap d’Agde is probably not the place for you to go to. But at most places of the naturist resort it is not obliged to be naked. But there are a few exceptions where going nude really is mandatory.

On this page we will explain shortly in which places of the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde you are obliged to be naked and in which places you are expected to wear some clothes. Also we will answer some questions related to nudity and restaurants and if there are any time frames where nakedness is not possible anymore.

Soon the next questions will be answered about being naked in Cap d’Agde:
– Is nudity obliged?
– Where can I freely walk around naked?
– Where is it not possible to be naked?
– Where is nudity mandatory?
– Can I be naked in the evenings as well?
– Can I walk around being nude with visible piercings?
– Can I also have sex in places where it is allowed to be naked?