What happens at a private swingers party?

What to expect at private parties for swingers

Private parties for swingers are not pre-programmed events, where certain activities take place at specific times. There is no program and no clear rules. What can happen at a swingers party depends strongly on how many couples show up and especially what kind of couples will be present. Drug policy is also important.

Some party organizers provide one rule in advance that drugs should not be used.
It is impossible to determine to what extent this really doesn’t happen. Perhaps it is communicated so clearly to avoid any problems with the police, because the fact is that party drugs such as xtc, mdma, ghb and laughing gas are often used and those are strictly forbidden in Cap d’Agde. But not all parties organizers care about that. Some of them are being organized by people who take a lot of drugs themselves and hang out with people who do the same, so you can expect a lot of drugs usage at some sex parties

If you visit a private swingers party then you are expected to participate actively at the party. If you are a novice swingercouple and you don’ t know yet what you want, it is advisable to skip such swingers parties. People who are only watching or couples from which only the man is active, are not appreciated. This actually applies to every swingers party, but this applies to Cap d’Agde to a greater extent. Most couples who come here, are hardcore swingers. They’ve been around for a while and don’t need hours to break the ice. They have already done swinging dozens of times, if not hundreds of times. To them partner swaps are as normal as drinking a cup of coffee and they have no problem seeing their own partner fucking someone else. People who visit these kinds of parties in Cap d’Agde generally only need a short time to getting to know everyone a bit, and after that prefer to take off their clothes quickly and have sex with as many people as possible.

Especially at larger private swingers parties (20+ couples) with many experienced full-swap couples, things can go pretty wild. It is actually one big sex party. There is a big difference with normal wife swapping. The traditional form of swinging often involves two couples who exchange sexpartners. At a sex party for swingers this happens less often. People are having sex with each other without knowing which woman belongs to which man. And most people really don’t care at that moment. Triosex and group sex can be seen a lot too and the composition changes continuously. Many times it’s more like a big sex orgy.

It is also possible that a number of single men are invited to a swingers party, especially if there are many women who would like to have sex with two or more men at the same time. Usually this is communicated in advance, because there are also couples who do not like singles at a party.

In any case, it is important to know that the atmosphere and intensity can vary enormously per party. It can happen that you are invited to a swingers party and it turns out, that only two other couples are at the party. Of course this can be very nice, but might be a little disappointment, if you expected more couples. It will also be no exception, if the average age at the party differs considerably from your age.

If you receive an invitation to a swingers private party, try to find out, how many couples they expect, what the average age will be, whether there will be singles and whether drugs can be used. Then you know a little bit in advance what to expect. If you don’t have this information, you can also just take a look and if you don’t like the party, you can always leave again. But you probably won’t receive another invitation from that couple (and their friends) in the future.

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