Why do swingers go to Cap d’Agde?

Why do so many swingers go to Cap d’Agde?

Every summer tens of thousands of swingers go to Cap d’Agde to party. Why do all these swingers go to Cap d’Agde. What is so special about that place that swingers from all over the world go there and keep returning every year.

There are various reasons for this.
A very important reason is that the presence of so many swingers attracts many other swingers. For a lot of swingercouples is their daily routine not the swingers lifestyle that they would like to live. On average, most swingers exchanges partner 12 times a year. They would like to swing more, but it often does not fit into their daily lives. Or they can’t find a nice couple who has time at that moment too.

These problems do not exist in Cap d’Agde. There are so many attractive swingerscouples in all age groups, that it is simply impossible not to find anyone to play with. In addition, all swingers in Cap d’Agde have plenty of time to swap partners. After all, they are here on vacation and by far the most time of this holiday is spent in the naturist village, so they can party, party and party. Most swingercouples hardly get away from the naturist resort during the holidays, because they want to use every minute they have, to visit swingers parties and to meet as many other couples as possible. In Cap d’Agde they often have more sexual contacts than they have during all other months of the year together.

So you won’t have troubles finding a date. The only problem is, you will have too little time. There are simply too many attractive sets to date. And it is impossible to have sex with everyone you like. There are too many. So it’s often a matter of making choices and coincidence.

Apart from the fact, that there are so many like-minded people, the second big reason swingers come to Cap d’Agde is, because there are many events for couples who like to swing. We can safely state, that certain swingers parties in Cap d’Agde can be called (fairly) unique.

The nude foam party for couples, for example, is unbelievably popular. Nowhere in the world exists a naked mousse party where so many naked swingercouples can be found together and where couples can have public sex with each other in and around the foam party area.

The same applies to the naked pool party. How many place, do you know where 200 or more couples together are naked and having sex in public at an outdoor pool party.

The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde is also an attraction. Although this is not the only beach in the world where people have sex with each other in public, it is probably one of the few beaches where this happens on such a massive scale.

Also, there are not many places on this planet, where you can be publicly satisfied by your naked partner at the swimming pool of your swingers hotel, while at the same time you are sexually pampering your attractive neighbor and with the other hand you collect you just ordered beer from the waiter, who doesn’t look twice, because he has seen it all. This kind of thing can all be done in Cap d’Agde and anyone who stays here for more than a few days will not be surprised anymore what is going one. In here it’s the normal way of live.

Add to that the swingers bars and swingers clubs and not to mention the many (private) swingers parties and you will understand why Cap d’Agde is so unbelievably popular among swingers.

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