Where can I book the nudist camping of Cap d’Agde?

Can I make a reservation for the naturist campsite René Oltra in Cap d’Agde via this site?

Through our website CapdagdeFaq.nl you can book several holidays to the naturist area of Cap d’Agde. You can make reservations for accommodations for hotel rooms, villas, apartments and studios, within the naturist resort, or just outside the naturist area of Cap d’Agde, some within walking distance. The latter is very useful, if you have been partying and drinking too much and it is very unwise to drive a car.

Links to the various holiday accommodations can be found on our Cap d’agde holiday booking page.

However, the naturist campsite of Rene Oltra can’t be booked directly via this website. We have placed a link at the bottom of this site to the website of René Oltra, so that you can make a reservation through their site. But please read this page first and also check our Cap d’agde holiday booking page at the bottom.

There are several things to take into account, when you directly try to book a holiday with French websites that offer Cap d’Agde. To be honest, René Oltra scores much better than all other French websites. When you make a call, the connection is not immediately terminated, if they find out, you don’t speak French. A number of people speak English and in previous years it even happened that sometimes someone was present who spoke other languages as well, like German, Dutch, Spanish and Romanian.

Unfortunately the connection with the booking website of René Oltra does not always work flawlessly. Sometimes there is no connection at all or it is disconnected, after you have just completed everything. Then just try again, usually it goes well the second or third time.
Also please be aware, that the “reservation” is nothing more than filling a requestform, in which you say you like to book the nude campsite in a certain period.

So after you make the reservation, you’re not sure if your request will actually be granted. Often you will have to await the following days or week to find out if you will receive an actual confirmation. The response time to their e-mails can take long, but in our experience in the end they will respond in a friendly way.

Finally, please note that the atmosphere and rules at René Oltra’s naturist campsite are quite different from the rest of the naturist area.

We’ll give you a brief overview of the most restrictive ones:
– Public sex is forbidden, so it’s really not allowed to satisfy your partner in front of the tent or other public places
– Being naked is mandatory
– Piercings in the genitals are not appreciated
– After 23:00, cars are not allowed to drive, except in emergencies (the fact that you ran out of beer or vodka is not an emergency).
– Between 23:00 and 07:00 you are supposed to be quite.
– You can’t bring or ask people from outside the campsite to your place, which makes it difficult for dates.

Link tot he official website of René Oltra Camping Cap d’Agde

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