Swingers in Cap d’Agde

In the media Cap d’Agde is often called a nudist village or nudist resort, but they might as well call it a swingers resort or swingers village.
Because nowadays there are probably more swingers than nudists and naturists together.

60 years ago when the nude camping site René Oltra in Cap d’Agde was founded, nobody could have suspected that one day the swingers would be in the majority in the “nudist” resort. The word swingers had to be invented yet, and this only happened in the early 70s in the United States. Back in 1956, this phenomenon of swinging was unknown and didn’t happen on mass scale and certainly not in the naturist resort of Cap d’Agde.

When exactly it went “wrong”, is hard to tell. But the people who love nudism and naturism regret the day that the first swingers came to the resort, because they would never leave this place anymore. Every year it seems that more and more swingers are arriving at Cap d’Agde, while less and less nudists and naturists are coming.
This also has something to do with the age. Many original nudists and naturists from the first hour are not alive anymore or too old to come. And when you take a look around you, you can cleary see, that the average age of the nudism and naturism lovers are much older than the average age of the swingers. So in our opinion it is a matter of time, before the swingers take over (the most parts of) the resort.

Also the growth in new nudists is not very big. In the world of naturism, it is well-known that Cap d’Agde has become a swingers resort where couples have sex in public. This has nothing to do with the principles from the people who just want to be nude. Also the noisy swingers parties are not good publicity to attract new non-swingers.

In the last decades there has been a little war against the presence of the swingers. Many complaints have been sent to the government about all kinds of issues, like the noisy parties and the public sex on the beach, at the foam parties and in some hotels. But this has had little or no success. The truth is that the government makes much more money out of swingers than they make out of nudists and naturists. People who only like to be nude in nature and staying in a caravan or tent do not spend a lot of money. While swingers on the other hand are usually very big spenders and they have a lot of money which they bring to Cap d’Agde and this is profitable for all enterprises and businesses in and around Cap d’Agde and is also helpfull for certain taxes.


Why are so many swingercouples go to Cap d’Agde every summer?
Every summer tens of thousands of swingers go to Cap d’Agde to party. Why do all these swingers go to Cap d’Agde. What is so special about that place that swingers from all over the world go there and keep returning every year.

What are the best dating sites for Cap d’Agde?
Making contact in advance through swingers dating sites is a very effective way to meet other swingers. This certainly is extremely handy for holiday locations such as a swinger vacation in Cap d’Agde. Months before you go on holiday you can look around for other interesting couples who go to Cap d’Agde for swinging and make contact beforehand.

How do swingers contact other swingers for dating
In Cap d’Agde there are various options for swingers to get in touch with other couples who have come for swinging. For a lot of couples that is a very important part of their vacation. Nudism is usually not that important for wife swapping fans.

Swingers from which countries can you meet in Cap d’Agde?
Swingers you encounter in Cap d’Agde really come from all over the world. There are probably few countries from which couples have never come to the naturist area of Cap d’Agde. Of course there are a number of nationalities that you’ll see a lot.