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In case you don’t want to read but like to visit the SDC website right away,
click here to visit SDC, the best swingers dating site, also very good for contacts in Cap d’Agde .

What is SDC ?

SDC is by far the best international swingers dating site you will find on the internet. Not only because it has so many members, but also because they are updating the site every year.

What has SDC to do with Cap d’Agde ?

If you are member of SDC, you don’t have to look for dates in Cap d’Agde  but you can make hundreds of dates beforehand, read the text below, to understand what we mean.

How many members does the site has ?

It has over 3 million swingers worldwide. Which is a huge number. You will find a lot of couples living close to you. But also for international contacts it is great.
Maybe you are thinking, that it is not very interesting to also have swingers on the site which live 8000 miles away from you, but you are wrong about that. A lot of  swingers like to travel. You can benefit from this in three ways

  • If you are planning a trip yourselves to e.g. Barcelona next month, you can set your holiday-destination as second home. This way you can easily switch your location with one mouse click and you can browse all swingers in Barcelona, as if you were there . Now you can make contact with lots of cute swingers who live in this neighborhood (and there many cute ones in that vicinity). So before you are actually there, you can make dozens of dates already. Probably you should extend your trip beforehand, because there are too many swingers you could meet.
  • Not only you are travelling. Swinging people will travel to your surroundings as well. Suppose you are living in the neighborhood of San Francisco. If you like, you can get an alert of all swinger couples who are planning a trip to your neighborhood, so you can contact them and party with lots of international swingers every week.
  • And last but no least in the travel planner of the website, you can see who else will be in Cap d’Agde at the same time that you will be there. That way you can make contact and dates with hundreds of other swingercouples, before you have even arrived in Cap d’Agde. We always start with that around two months before we go to Cap d’Agde and we end up with a list which is way too big, to see them all. In practice we only manage to date around 10% of them. And that is one of the many reasons why we are so thrilled about SDC.

Is a SDC subscription free ?

You can join for free and have a trial account for 1 or 2 weeks. If you like it (and you will !) you can decide to get a subscription for one month, three months 6 months or a year. After about 1-1,5 year you will also receive a promotion to become lifetime member. All prices they have are fair and totally worth the money.
One tip what you might have heard many times before, but it is so true. Put at least one picture on your profile, otherwise you will not be noticed.

Are all the members real on SDC ?

Yes at least 99% of the members are real. They work with a validation system, meaning that other validated members can validate you after they have met you and they can even leave a sort of review. If you see a member having a number of validations, you can be sure this is a real couple. Of course you will also have clowns who will make a fake profile, just like people do on Facebook, but almost every profile is real and the ones with more than 1 or 2 validations can be trusted for sure.

Can a single also become member of SDC ?

Yes they can and singles are appreciated much more nowadays than in the past. Lots of couples like to invite singles as well, so there are plenty of changes to get lucky.

We are a couple, but don’t like singles ?

No problem, you can block singles males and/ or singles females from your profile and also avoid they can contact you. And this feature works good.

Is it really that good ?

In our experience yes. We have been member for almost 18 years now and we have had contacts with thousands of couples. Also for spontaneous dates it works very well. With  their speeddate function you can freely advertise yourself or look at all the other couples who like to have a swingersdate this week, tomorrow this evening and even right now at this moment. And lots of couples use it, so the changes you will have a date today is pretty big.

Where do i sign up for a free account trial membership?

You can click the banner or link below.




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