Supermarkets, shops, groceries and daily shopping in the nudist resort

Anno 2016 you can still find three good supermarkets on the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde (in the past there were 4 of them). It doesn’t matter on which location you are staying in the nudist town, from almost any holiday-accomomdation you will find a supermarket within 1 to 5 minutes walking distance.

There is only one big exception, namely the camping site. We have never understood why the large camping site does not have a supermarket of its own. From some places on the camping site, it can be a 12 minutes walk before you reach a supermarket. If you have a lot of groceries, water bottles and maybe some other heavy stuff, the walk is actually too far to carry around with all those heavy groceries. If you happen to own a car, it will be helpful to a limited extent, because there is no place you can park your car in the direct neighborhood of the supermarkets.

Apart from the supermarkets, you can also find a large number of other shops within the nudist resort where you can do your daily shopping.

If this is not enough for you, you can find a giga size supermarket, at about 15 minute away by car from the nudist center. Despite the fact that the size of this supermarket is enormous and has a lot of m2 space, it still can be very crowded inside. Especially in the afternoon and beginning of the evening you can expect many people within this store but also outside on the roads, because the infrastructure is not really built for so many shopping tourists.

But there is really not much need to visit this big outside supermarket. Everything you need can be found within the naturist resort itself. In general the shops at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde have a big enough assortment to fulfill your daily needs during your whole vacation. Which comes in handy, because a lot of people who come to the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde, to spend their vacation, are not leaving the nudist center at all.

Especially swingers are not very interested in wasting their time doing groceries somewhere else. They prefer to spend as much time as possible at the swingers resort of Cap d’Agde, because it doesn’t happen often that they have the opportunity to meet so many other swingers in one place.

In the morning they prefer to sleep because they don’t sleep a lot at night. In the afternoon they like to visit the naked mousse party or nude pool party or go the swingers beach. And at night if they have still energy, they go to clubs again. So only limited time is available for doing boring groceries and shopping.