Melrose bar for swingers and singles in Cap d’Agde

Melrose bar on the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde is also a special bar to which we dedicate some extra attention. Melrose is very well known within the swingers scene. But also single men are welcome here to a limited extent and single women are of course always welcome.

Melrose already exists for decades on the naturist village. It has had several makeovers, but in general the concept of this place has stayed the same. It is always very busy and cozy with a good atmospher and most people have no problem to make contact with other visitors of Melrose.
In our opinion together with Glamour and Eros, Melrose belongs to the most favorite places of the swingers witin the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde.

The owner of Melrose by the way, is also the owner of Le Glamour. Therefore it happens frequently, especially on the relatively quiet days, that free entrance passes for Glamour are being distributed in Melrose. Glamour closes two hours later than Melrose, so the owner has every reason that the public continues the party in Glamour, where the prices for the drinks are also much higher.

The most attractive element of Melrose is probably the phenomenon that many ladies and sometimes also some spontaneously climb on the bar and start dancing. These are not hired girls or personnel, these persons are just visitors of Melrose. The dancing is not so special, but the undressing is. Most women who are dancing on the bar are also performing some kind of amateur strip show. It is not uncommon that a lady undresses herself partially or totally with the result that all people present in the bar can see a amateur girl dancing naked. Sometimes this takes a few minutes, and sometimes it goes on for a very long period. And of course this is very much appreciated by the owner and all visitors of Melrose.

Very soon the faq about Melrose bar will follow underneath.