Swingers holiday and swingers vacation in Cap d’Agde

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Going on a swinger vacation to Cap d’Agde or plan a swingers holiday to another location is not something you just easily do.

For many couples, taking the step to become a swingers couple is already a huge step. After all you are having sex with another partner and you can see right before your eyes your partner being intimate with another person and vice versa.

For many couples this is an emotional experience (especially the first time) which could involve (some) jealousy and after the first time(s) a lot of couples will take a (short) break to process their experiences. Of course this will not apply to the die-hard swingers but mostly for the beginners and couples who do not swing very often.

Except for the couples who are having a home party or are going to a swingers club every week, most couples are swinging only once a month or once in a couple of months on average.
Especially when you are having a full time job and/ or kids, you don’t have much time to do this very often. It is not like putting on your coat and rushing to the pub around the corner.

Both you and your partner have to take care of yourself comprehensively, being shaved and trimmed and hygenic all over your body, so you look at your best. If you have kids, you have to arrange a baby sitter.

Often you will also want to set up a date with another nice couple beforehand , wich means you have to find that matching couple first and then getting in contact with them, as they usually don’t spontaneously come knocking at your door. If there is a match, then you have to find a evening which is good for both couples. In other words a swingers date can cost you a lot of time and preparation.
Moreover a swingers date is often an attack on your whole weekend. Beside the evening you are dating, you will be busy having sex the whole night and this will also have an impact on the day after.

This scenario differs a lot from the scenario of a swinger vacation where many other swingers are being together in one place celebrating their swingers holiday. Such as in Cap d’Agde where during the holiday season you can meet tens of thousands of like-minded people. All these swingers have plenty of time and are very ready for sexual activities with other couples. A swinger vacation to Cap d’Agde (or other swingers holiday resort) is perfect for couples who like to swing.

The most swingers in this places are encountering no problems at all swapping regularly during the vacation. And why not if you are on vacation in such a perfect place?

If you have the energy you can score in one week a lot of swingers experience both soft swap as well as full swap. There are couples who are dating every single day of their vacation both in the afternoon and in the evening. You can calculate yourself the result on the scoreboard at the end of their swingers vacation.

Of course not every couple is feeling such an extreme urge to score but if you are one of them, Cap d’Agde will surely offer you the best opportunities in the world.
Just by frequently visting the foam party’s you will get a lot of soft swap, meaning touching and oral sex, what will add up dozens of sexual contacts.

The beauty of Cap d’Agde is that everything is possible but there are no obligations. You don’t have to present any balance at the end of vacation to anybody. Every couple is defining their own limits and wishes. There are even couples who just love to watch other couples in action, but who are not swapping themselves during their holiday. What you like to do in Cap d’Agde is entirely up to you, so our advice is don’t make too many plans and just go with the flow, if you feel like it.

If you like to book your vacation to Cap d’Agde right now and receive inmediate confirmation, then click the link below:
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This page is last edited 5 march 2016.
In the course of 2016 this page will be completed with the questions about swingers vacations in Cap d’Agde.