The nude beach of Cap d’Agde

The nudist beach of Cap d’Agde is very large and spacious which is good, so there is enough space for swingers, nudists and naturists. Totally it’s around 2 km in length, this means if you like walking naked, you can do this a long time before you have reached the end of the naked beach.
It is important you have some understanding in the several different parts of this beach, because if you go to the beach with kids, or you are just a person who loves naturism and nudism and nothing more, then you should avoid certain parts of the beach.

The large nude beach (officially the biggest nude beach of Europe) starts in the South at the entrance of the harbour. The sea-lane which leads to the harbor forms a natural border between the normal textile beach of Plage de la Roquille in the normal part of Cap d’Agde and the nude beach of the nudist village of Cap d’Agde. From this side of the beach it is impossible that normal people dressed in swimwear, are entering the nudist beach to nose about how naked people spend their time in the sun.

About 2 km to the north, the nudist beach ends where the beach of Marseillan starts. Marseillan beach is a textile beach for normal tourists.

If you look at the different parts of the nude beach, we can say that the south part (the part which starts at the harbor) is just a normal nudist beach. You will find many families with children and people who love nudism and naturism. People who come to this part of the beach, are enjoying themselves the same way as people do at a textile beach with swimwear. They are just sunbathing, swimming, reading a book, relaxing, looking around, etc. The only difference with a normal textile beach is that the people are naked and they enjoy to be nude in the sun.

Of course you will find some swingers here as well, but they are behaving themselves like anyone else and you would probably not recognize them between the normal nudists and naturists.
Swingers who are lying here, are too lazy to walk all the way to the swingers beach or they simply do not know there exists such a thing as a special beach for nude swingers.

Despite the fact that the nudist beach only ends at Marseillan beach, we must strongly advise families with children and nudists and naturists not to walk too far to the north.
You don’t want to reach the swingers beach, and be confronted with public sex on the beach. This swingers sex beach starts shortly after the latest entrance to the beach from the camping. As soon you see a sort of police/ rescue/ security point-duty in the dunes at the left side, you have crossed a line, which you don’t want to cross. If you have missed this police/ security point but you notice that this part of the beach is much more crowded than other parts, then you have most probably reached the swingers beach and you are no longer at the normal nude beach.


Do you have to be naked at the naturist beach?
It happens frequently that people like to book a holiday to Cap d’Agde , but don’t like to walk around nude (all day). For a great part of the naturist area they can get away with not being naked, but on the nude beach itself, nudism is in principle mandatory, but there are some exceptions.

Can single go to the naked beach?
Anyone who has access to the naturist area, can walk onto the nudist beach in no time. If you book a holiday as a single in the naturist village then you automatically have access to the nudist beach. It doesn’t matter whether you come as a couple, with a large family or as a single woman or single man, but be carefull what you do.

Can you also see swingers on the normal nude beach?
Many nudists and naturists want to know, if there are also swingers on the normal nudist beach of Cap d’Agde. Families with children in particular are concerned about this. Because if swingers not only go to the special swingers beach and visit the normal naturist beach as well, they fear that even on the normal nudist beach peace and safety will soon be over

More questions will follow in spring and summer of 2019.