Hotels for swingers and hotels for nudists in Cap d’Agde

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Within the holiday accommodations in the naturist area of Cap d’Agde, some hotels play a very unique role. Because the rules of the most nudist hotels and swinger hotels can differ a lot, we will explain for each individual hotel what you can expect. There are not only big variantions in rules this also applies for the prices of the hotel rooms.

Since 2007 there have been big changes in the variety of hotel rooms in the nudist city of Cap d’Agde. Within a short period several big hotels have been built. Until that time there was actually only one small hotel which you could book in Cap d’Agde and that hotel was pretty outdated and still is anno 2016.

But with the arrival of the new hotels luckily these times have changed and nowadays there is a lot of different hotels to choose from, beside the many other accommodations like villas, apartments and studios. However the prices of some hotel rooms can be very high and obviously they are aiming for a high class public, because the prices can be around €450 – 500 a night for the most expensive rooms in high season. These amounts are enormous and in our opinion not always worth it.

Some hotels are known to be so-called swingers-hotels. That doesn’t mean that the other hotels do not welcome swingers (because they certainly will) but in the swingers hotels you can have public sex around the swimming pool. While the staff is serving drinks and foods, you are having sex with your partner or someone else. This is really nice and sometimes even funny but there are also some disadvantages. The prices of these special swingers hotel rooms and the drinks are very high. A lot of guests are very unpleasantly surprised at the end of their vacation, when they get the bill presented of the consumptions which they seemingly had around the swimming pool during their swingers holiday. Some guests even doubt if this bill is correct.

And believe it or not, seeing and hearing sex during the whole day really can be irritating. When you see and hear people fucking and screaming all day, it really can be annoying. Even if you are an incredibly horny person, there will be moments, that you think, can i have a break please from all this? Especially if you are just awake with a hangover or if you are trying to enjoy your lunch or dinner at the bar next to the pool.

You can compare this constant sex with eating cake.
Eating cake is really very good, but eating cake all day for one week or more, really will get you bored and it is not so nice anymore.
In our opinion it’s much nicer just to visit this hotels a few times during your holiday, e.g. when there is a pool party (or just on a normal day). Then you can have all the fun which the residents of these hotels also have, but you don’t have to see and listen to it all day, every day.

In the course of 2016 we will present a list of all the hotels in the nudist village of Cap d’Agde. So you can easily see which hotels are so-called swinger hotels and which other hotels are more or less a sort of the nudist hotels (but in here you will also find many swingers).

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This page was last edited on 5 march 2016