What are the chances for singles to have sex?

How much chance does a single man have to get lucky in Cap d’Agde?

Whether or not a single man will have sex can’t be simply answered with a yes or no because this depends on numerous variables. For example, if you are someone who also gets lucky easily in normal life, then your chances you will have sex in Cap d’Agde are obviously bigger too. But there are more variables that are important. One thing is certain, the chance that you can see people having sex is 100%. And it won’t stay with one couple. You can see dozens or possibly hundreds of people having sex, depending on how long you stay and whether you visit the right places.

But back to the question how much chance you yourself have of having sex in Cap d’Agde. If you are a straight, single man, you basically have two options for sex
1) You find a single woman
2) You find a couple and you can sex have with the woman of this couple.

The chance of a single woman is not that great. There are a number of single women coming to Cap d ‘Agde every year, but they are relatively scarce. The women who do go to Cap d’Agde by themselves, are in most cases also the ones who like to have sex as much as possible. So you can be almost sure they will have more than one sexpartner during their holiday and maybe even tens of them or even much more.

The chance that you will find a swingers couples woman is significantly bigger. There are many more women in Cap d’Agde who are part of a swingers couple than there are single women. More and more swingers women are no longer ashamed to admit that sex with two men can be very tasty and offers unprecedented more possibilities than having sex with just one man.

But don’t expect couples to approach you in large numbers, unless you have something that stands out, such as a 25 centimeter dick or an amazingly good appearance. Assuming that neither of these two apply to you, you will therefore have to ensure that they like you.

Partly you have no control over it, your appearance is partly a fact, but you can at least ensure that you look at your best, that means well groomed, neatly shaved in the right places and nice clothes in the evening. Looking at your best, is the least you can do to increase your chances.

Also pay attention to your age group. If you are 45 yourself, don’t go after the 20-year-old couples, because if they already want an extra man, they will probably be looking for someone their own age. So focussing on couples of your own age, make you will succeed much faster

Staying passive in a corner is not going to help you either, you can best try to make as many contacts as possible, but don’t be intrusive. As soon as you notice that people don’t like to talk to you, step back. Yet it is important that you are a bit extrovert and make contacts. Maybe it will not work tonight, but you might meet them again tomorrow and maybe they will be open for a threesome later. In addition, it is of course important to be as friendly as possible to both men and women. A woman don’t want to fuck with someone who is not friendly, and also keep in mind that a man does not allow you to have sex with his wife if he doesn’t like your behavior.

Coincidence and timing play a very important role too. If a couple has decided to look for an extra man for threesome sex tonight, or just a man to please her while he watches, you may be lucky that they pick you if they happen to meet you somewhere that evening. Suppose you would have met the same couple yesterday, they would perhaps not even have looked at you, if they were not interested in a single man that night.

Something similar can also occur in the dunes next to the swingers beach, where a man is just starting to fuck his wife. If that woman wants to suck a man at the same time and you just happen to be standing there watching with a glorious erection, it could be that this couple winks you to join them, while if you had arrived 1 minute later, someone else would probably have been that lucky.

The same situation can occur in a swingers club. In Glamour, for example, there is a room for couples and a room for trios. You can expect couples who are going to the trio section on purpose, that they are interested in an extra man. It is all about timing if you will be that lucky guy.

Apart from the fact whether you will have sex or not, if you are a lover of public outdoor sex then you will certainly have a very good holiday. Every afternoon and early evening you can see many people having sex outside on the beach. Blowing, eating pussy, fucking, threesome sex, wife swapping, group sex, it all takes place in broad daylight in the sun on the swingers beach and in the dunes next to it. If you get too excited by watching this, that’s no problem. Nobody is surprised when you walk around on the beach with a strong erection. Also jerking off, while watching sex is happening at large scale in public, on the beach by singles.

In the Kama Sutra Sauna and Le Histoires d’O you can have fun too and see a lot of things you normally only see in porn movies. The same applies to swingers clubs such as le glamor. Officially you are only allowed to have sex downstairs, but it happens regularly that sexual activities also take place on and around the dance floor. You can all be a witness of that.

In short, if you love nudity, outdoor sex, public sex, exhibitionism and voyeurism you will have a great holiday as a single man, even if you don’t have sex yourself. But if you are a bit extrovert, polite, friendly, non-intrusive and look as good as possible you do have a good chance to have sex. Even if you don’t have a huge dick or look like a super model. We know a number of singles with average looks, who go to Cap d’Agde every year and most of them have multiple sexpartners every vacation.

What also can really help a lot in Cap d’Agde, is joining an international swingers dating club. You can find a link to a good dating community for couples, single women and single man who are going to Cap d’Agde , at the bottom of this page. This way you can already make contact beforehand.

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