Is Cap d’Agde still suitable for nudists and naturists?

Is Cap d’Agde still a good place to visit for nudists and naturists?

Considering the fact, so many swingers go to Cap d’Agde and so many parties are actually sexparties, a lot of nudists and naturists, who have never been to Cap d’Agde, wonder if this place is suitable for nudism and naturism? This question can’t be simply answered with yes or no because tastes differ. One person likes a bit of hustle and bustle around him, while another prefers to see and hear nothing but nature and the animals in it.

In our view, Cap d’Agde still has enough to offer for nudists and naturists today. Nowhere else in Europe can you find such a large build area, where you can be naked. Then there is also the largest officially naturist beach of Europe next to it and there is a huge camping place, where nude walking is mandatory and public swinger activities are absolutely forbidden.

The Cap d’Agde naturist site is a vast area where you can enjoy nudism and naturism. You can walk naked 24/7, you can go shopping and do the groceries in a supermarket without clothes or drink a cup of coffee and eat an egg on a terrace naked. You can lie bare on the beach or do sporting activities such as badminton. You can swim naked in the sea or in one of the 7 swimming pools, one of which is indoors. (for most swimming pools an entrance fee must be paid.) And if you stay at the campsite there are various sports and game activities that you can do in your bare ass.

We personally believe that all the places where you can be naked all day and the activities you can do, are good reasons to visit the naked village of Cap d’Agde as a nudist or naturist. You will certainly not be the only one, especially at the campsite there are many people, who come to Cap d’Agde for nudism and naturism only.

Nudists and naturists can totally avoid the swingers beach and parties for swingers. At the same time it is not forbidden for them to go to this part of the beach. As a couple they can also go to couple parties, like the naked mousse party as well and have a look. After all, it is not mandatory to perform sexual activities at the foam party. No one will be mad at you, if you don’t have sex in there.

If you and your partner like to dance naked in the foam, and you stay a bit away from others, for example by staying on the sides, then you can have fun with your nude partner in the foam, without having sexual encounters with others or swapping partners. You can also relax in the swimming pool or on a bed and drink a glass of rose and look around while enjoying the music. You just have to take into account that a lot of sexual activities take place at a foam party and the noises you hear might be somewhat different than the chirping of the birds.

Of course if you don’t like public sex, we advise you not to visit parties like this, but as said, there are plenty of fun things to do and nice places to go for nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde.

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