Can I make films and take photos in public?

Can I make films and take photos in public?

Taking pictures and filming with a camera or your phone is a very delicate matter at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. This is because of the fact that many people are being naked.
As long as you are in Cap d’Agde you have no problems that people are seeing you nude and most of the people step out their clothes in Cap d’Agde without any feelings of shame. But it’s a completely different story if your picture is taken and you will find yourself on some websites later. Nobody wants to be recognized by family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues when you are doing your groceries naked. There is a big difference between being naked in front of people you don’t know and being naked in front of people you do know.

It gets even worse if you will find videos on the Internet which reveals a secret, kinky hobby of yours, e.g. where everyone can see that you are having sex on the beach with your partner or someone else. Or suppose that videos are taken during the foam party where you and your partner are having sex with other couples or are involved in some kind of group sex. If that kind of videos or images are leaking out, then it is probably best for you to emigrate to an island where there is still no Internet. So it is very important to handle pictures and videos very discreetly in Cap d’Agde.

Until a few years ago it was strictly forbidden to take pictures or videos in Cap d’Agde. Filming and photographing was simply not allowed anywhere outside. Since a few years the rules some what loosend around this, because nowadays people want to take pictures and like filming a lot, thanks to the smartphones.

Anno 2022 , almost anybody has a smartphone with a decent camera inside and people are used to film and should pictures anywhere, anytime. And let’s be honest, what is more exciting than taking a picture of your partner who is walking around naked on the streets. But you really should be careful, filming and making images is still kind of a taboo.

It is only allowed if the person or persons which appear on your picture or in your video has explicitly given your permission to film or shoot this person..
Also be aware, when you are making selfies, that there is no person in the background of your photo (or video).

If you do not take this very important rule into account, you can run into serious problems. If someone sees or suspects that you have taken a photo or a video and he or she is in it, then you have to delete this image or video. If they have a suspicion you have done this intentionally, then the security or police officer has the right to search through your collection of photos and videos on your telephone, camera, laptop, USB stick, hard disk and even in your cloud.

And if they find out you have done this before, you can be arrested. Also you will receive a lifelong ban for the nudist center in Cap d’Agde and if you are being caught filming at the beach, then you might run for your life, because the public does not like that at all and will chase you.

But all of these problems you might run into, didn’t stop some stupid people to film in Cap d’Agde in the past. There are dozens of videos on erotic websites on the Internet of the swingers beach. Most of them are old, because nowadays security and police are trained to recognize spycams. Some of these videos might have a recent date, but this is probably an old video which has been uploaded again.

As said, both police and security personnel are nowadays very well trained to recognize the hidden cams. People who buy this equiment in China, think they have a unique product, who nobody else has, but they could not be more wrong. The Internet is full of websites with all these same products, or simular products which look more or less the same and many people have tried to use this spycams last year’s and have been caught.

Also in France they use Internet and are well aware of the webkshops which are selling these products, so these webshops are being studied regularly, to even better recognize the newest spy cams. Beside that, people who are filming with these cams often act differently. Security and police have been trained to recognize this kind of behavior also.

So our advice, don’t do this. The chance that you are being arrested is too big and it ain’t worth the risk.

If you’re just filming your partner and make pictures of her/ him and you make sure no one else is at the video/ photos, then there is no problem of course and you can make some beautiful shots in Cap d’Agde.

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