What days the naked foamparty in Cap d’Agde is given?

On what days of the week we can go to the naked foamparty of Cap d’Agde?

Many people would like to know: When is the foam party?
In July and August there is a nude foam party every day in the afternoon, provided the weather is good enough. When it is very cold or it is raining heavily with strong winds, there is a good chance the mousse pary will be canceled. And this is a good decision because in those conditions it really is no fun to be at the mousse party. The foam is a little bit wet already of its own and if there is no sun and strong winds and/ or raining, it simply is too cold to be there.

But often you cannot tell before hand what the weather will be in the afternoon. It happens relatively often, that in the morning it is cloudy and it looks like it could start raining any minute. But by the time it’s 2 o’clock it can be warm and sunny. So sometimes you really have to sit and wait.

Of course there also weather sites and apps, where you can see the weather forecast. But be aware that also in France, they can’t predict the weather perfectly.
By the way if you are already a few hours at the party and the wether gets worse, usually it is not that bad, because at that time, lots of people are totally in the party mood, already had a few drinks or more and the party just continues even if would start to snow.

Luckily for the lovers of the naked mousse parties, 90% of the time the weather in July and August is good enough to go to this party and have a really good time. And if there is a period of bad weather in Cap d’Agde, it usually only lasts for one or two days at the most. And then it is party time in the afternoon again.

Usually, in April and May there are no foam parties at all. Most of the time the naked mouse parties start in the second half of June or in the last week of June. For 2022 they plan to start around june 16th, but this also depends if the mouse party area will be ready yet. At this moment they are busy with a complete makeover of this area and the whole place is one big construction site.

The daily foamparties are being held til the last week of September, but in general the weather is not so good anymore, and more parties are canceled than in the months before. Also in September, far less public will be visting the foamparties than in the peak months July and August.

So to summarize all this: If the weather is good (which in usually is), you can be sure there will be daily nude foam-parties throughout the months July and August. In September there will also be daily parties til the last week of September. In June the daily parties in 2016 will start at the 16th of June, but for this the reconstruction of the foam party area must be finished in time.

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