When is the nude poolparty?

When are the nude pool parties in Cap d’Agde?

Previously, the pool party only took place on Wednesdays, but from 2012 until 2021, the naked pool party could be enjoyed twice a week. The days that the sex pool party take place are Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon.

Please note that the party is only held if the weather allows it. When it is cold, stormy and rainy, the party will most likely not be organized.

In the past the party was usually on Wednesday in le Jardin du Babylone and on Friday in le Jardin d’Eden. But sometimes this was changed at the last moment due to technical problems. From 2015 onwards almost all parties were organized in Babylone on Wednesdays and Fridays during high season.

The choice to do this in Babylone only, did surprise us though. This hotel is in all respects a lot smaller than the bigger brother Eden. The swimming pool is smaller, the space around it is much smaller, there are fewer toilets so that the waiting time in the queue can increase considerably and you can also order drinks at one bar only which means you will have to be patient a lot.
2015 was also the first year in which an entrance fee was asked for the naked pool parties. Previously it was completely free.

Despite the introduction of entrance fees, the parties remained unprecedentedly popular in the past years and there is also a maximum number of people allowed in. Only 200 couples are allowed to come in at the same time. If it is full, then you can’t get in or you will have to wait for some couples to leave.

Our tip to the organizers: Keep the pool parties in Eden again at least once a week. Many more people fit in here. More people happy and the organization will also be happy because they earn a lot more. We hope they will read this website and do something useful with it.

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