Cap d'Agde Vacation Booking

Through this website it is possible to book your holiday swingers vacation to Cap d'Agde and your nudist vacation. If you want to travel to Cap d'Agde in 2016, we advice you not to wait for too long. Despite the fact that the nudist resort has ten- thousands of sleeping places, in high season it will always become fully booked. So if you reserve too late there is a big chance you have no room. The holiday accommodations consist of apartments, suites, studios, villas, chalets, caravans, tents, camping places and multiple hotels with relatively cheap hotel rooms but also with very expensive hotel rooms.

Cap d'Agde Site Info

This website is called where FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. The questions are classified into a number of main topics about Cap d'Agde. All these different kind of topics can be found on this page with a brief introduction and also containing a clickable link which leads to a page where we go deeper into this subject and where we also handle the (FAQ) questions about this topic. Each question leads to a new separate page where we take the time to answer this question as good as we can and where we also allow other people to comment on that and share their experiences.

Where is the party?

In the nudist village of Cap d'Agde a lot of nice things can be done, but it all depends what kind of naked tourist you are. If you and your partner are swingers, you will do other things than when you are naturists or nudists. But no matter what you are, you will be enjoying yourselves. You can spend the whole day bare naked lying on the beach of do some nude shopping. Or you can go to one of the adult saunas, visit the naked foamparty or have a look at the nude poolparties. At night you can go nuts in one of the swinger bars or swingers clubs. A party is never far away in Cap d'Agde.

Cap d’Agde information

Underneath you can find all the main Cap d’Agde topics. For each topic we will answer a number of questions elaborately. This website is still under construction and will be completed before the summer of 2016. Also we will start a blog around June, where we will provide you with the latest news, activities, parties and agenda for the nudist village in Cap d’Agde. So actually this website will never be finished, because there are always things changing in the dynamic world of swingers, naturism and nudism.


The naturist village of Cap d’Agde
Apart from the the normal touristic parts of this town, Cap d’Agde is especially famous for its so-called “quatier naturiste”, which is the nudist area of this town. This nudist area is actually quite large and forms a little village of its own. In this topic we will look at all kinds of general questions concerning the naked village, such as: how to get inside, what are the opening hours, how much does the entrance cost, which facilities are there, etc.
The nudist village


The naked foamparties
For many nudists and especially swingers is the nude foam party, a very special party. These mousse parties take place during the day in a separate open air part of swingers club Glamour. Because these parties are very popular amongst swingers, a lof of questions are being asked about this phenomenon. People are very curious to know if the dress code is really totally nude and if so what can be expected inside with so many nude swingers making a party in the foam, with a lot of alcohol.
The nude foamparty


Holiday accommodations
In the nudist village are tens of thousands places to sleep available. There are many kinds of different accommodations like hotels in various price ranges, from cheap until very expensive. There are many, many studios and apartments, little and big villas, chalets and camping spots for caravans and tents. There is even a boat in the harbor which is converted into a vacation accommodation. But even with so many available places to sleep, every year in high season, there is a shortage of accommodations.
Holiday rentals


The mainly nude pool parties
Just like the foam parties, the naked pool parties are very popular as well within the swingers-scene. Also for these kinds of parties many questions are being asked about the dresscode, the opening hours, what is happening during such a party, where the party will be hosted today (because there is more than one location) and if the nude poolparty is also accessible for singles.
The naked pool party


The nudist camping site Cap d’Agde
Officially the nudist camping site of Cap d’Agde is part of the big nudist resort, but it is a isolated area where you can only enter if you have booked a accommodation or camping spot. So people who are residents of the naked village, but are not staying in the camping site, have no access to this area. And it is not easy to get in here for outsiders. This is a completely different world with other rules and another atmosphere. Being naked is obliged.
The nudist camping site


Sauna for swingers and nudists
Unfortunately the sun doesn’t always shine in Cap d’Agde. Sometimes it rains and it can be even a bit cold. Luckily this does not happen often, but when it does, it is good to have some backup destinations like the saunas. On these chilly days (or in the evenings) the several saunas in Cap d’Agde has, are a great meeting point for swingers or nudists. But to be honest if you look at what is happening inside the sauna, these places are more suitable for swingers than for nudists.
Swingers saunas


The normal nudist beach of Cap d’Agde
Cap d’Agde has several normal textile beaches which are located outside the nudist center and are meant for the normal local people and tourists who like to where swimwear. Inside the nudist area is a very large naturist beach, which is unofficially divided into several parts, like the normal naked beach.
Normal nude beach


The swingers beach in Cap d’Agde
When you read this paragraph above, you might wonder if there is also a abnormal nudist beach? Yes it is called the swingers beach and this is a place where a lot of swingercouples are lying naked on the beach very closely together. Many of these couples want to do more than just sunbathing and are also interested in watching public sexual activities and a lot of them are also not afraid to do public things which normally you can only see in certain videos on adult websites.
Swingers beach


The many private swingers parties
Where so many swingers are gathered together in one place like Cap d’Agde, you can expect a lot of private swingers parties. Some of them arise spontaneously e.g when two swinger couples meet each other somewhere. While other parties are being organized and announced in advance. Some of these private parties can be very large and visited by 20 couples or more.
Private swinger parties


Swingers in Cap d’Agde
Cap d’Agde is originally a spot for naturists and nudists. Why is it that every year in summer so many thousands of swingers come to Cap d’Agde to party? Where do they come from and how do swingers couples get in touch with other swingers from other countries. Which swingers dating sites are the best for finding good matches between swingers.
Swingers Cap d’Agde

Nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde
Some people believe that in the original nudist city of Cap d’Agde, no naturists and nudists can be found anymore anno 2016, because they have all been chased away by the many swingers with their noisy parties. This is partly true, however also every year tens of thousands of nudists and naturists come to Cap d’Agde to spend their holiday naked. So where can these people be found who only come to Cap d’Agde for nudism and naturism. And how can you seperate the nudists/ naturists from the swingers.
Nudism and naturism


Single men and single women
One of the most frequently asked questions about the nudist resort in Cap d’Agde comes from single men, who want to know if Cap d’Agde is also accessible for singles. It is, but it can be a bit frustrating. The most interesting parties are couples-only. Most clubs and bars can be accessed by single man, but they are selective. Also if you happen to find a couple who is interested in an extra man, you have to take into account that there is a lot of competition. Single women are welcome anywhere.
Singles Cap d’Agde


Nightlife in Cap d’Agde
If you still have energy left, to go out at night after the mousse party (foam party) or pool party, which you might have visited in the afternoon, there are many possibilities. Apart from the restaurants, there are a number of swingers bars, swinger clubs, saunas. Or maybe you prefer a BDSM club or just want to have a drink on a terrace. There are many options to enjoy the evenings and nights in Cap d’Agde.


Swingersclub Glamour
One swingers club in particular we will give some extra attention: Swingersclub Le glamour. This club is very famous in France and has a good reputation if you like to party. During the day, in the open air area of this club, you can visit the famous mousse parties. In the evening this swingersclub is open for swingers (and a few singles) and also during the evenings a lot of action is going on in this club.
Le Glamour


Swingers bar Melrose
There is also one bar we would like to give some extra attention, this is the Melrose Bar. We believe that more than 80% of the people who come to this place are swingers. In this bar attractive women (out of the public) spontaneously decide to go dancing on the bar and often they also do a stripshow. If a woman decides not to take off her clothes, usually this is not a punishment because a lot of them are wearing mini skirts without anything underneath. While she is dancing on top of the bar and you are standing underneath, you have an excellent view.
Melrose Bar


Walking around naked
Naturally in the nudist village of Cap d’Agde there are many spots where you can walk nude and recreate naked. But despite the fact this is a nudist place, a lot of questions are being asked about this subject, like: is it obliged to be naked, can people be naked everywhere, are there places where you can not be nude and can you be nude the whole day or are you expected to wear clothes in the evening.
Being naked


The daily groceries and the supermarkets
Anno 2016 there are three supermarkets in the nudist area of Cap d’Agde. On each part of the naturist resort a supermarket can be found within a walk of five minutes. Also there are many other shops where you can do your daily groceries and also you can find some other interesting shops. If you are looking for a very big supermarket, you can drive outside of the nudist area. It will take you around 15 minutes driving from the nudist center to find a megastore.
Supermarkets and shopping


A swingers vacation to Cap d’Agde
Some couples in the swingers scene have never heard of Cap d’Agde. There even are a bit surprised that there is something like a swingers holiday, because the only swinging they know, is the swingersclub or the home parties they have visited sometimes in the weekend. Of course weekend-swinging can be very nice to do, but nothing beats a swingers vacation, where you have like-minded people around you nonstop for one or more weeks. This gives you the opportunity to go swinging 24 hours a day.
Swingers holiday Cap d’Agde


The journey to Cap d’Agde
A swingers vacation or nudist holiday to Cap d’Agde is really fantastic, but the first thing to do is getting there. There are several possibilities of transport to travel to Cap d’Agde. This place can be reached by plane, train, boat or car. Which is the most efficient for you, depends of course at where you live. A lot of people decide to travel by car. If you do, there are some things you should take into account before you leave.
Trip to Cap d’Agde


Maps of the nudist area of Cap d’Agde
The naturist center of Cap d’Agde can be regarded as a little village. There are sort of different “quarters” and also most of the buildings have a special name. Despite the fact that everyhting is relativly close to each other, it might come in handy if you know the names of the most important places by heart. This saves you from getting lost and walking around in circles naked. Especially with a hangover from last night, this is something you really want to avoid.
Maps of the nudist area


Hotels in Cap d’Agde in the nudist resort
Within the holiday accommodations, the hotels form a special group, because there is a lot of variation in what they are offering and also the rules in what is allowed varies a lot. If you are a nudist, you do not want to stay your holiday in a hotel where public sex is allowed almost anywhere. The prices also have a broad bandwidth. The cheapest hotel room costs rounds 150 euro in high season while the most expensive hotel can charge you around €500 a day. In our opinion these prices are not always worth it.
Naturist Hotels Cap d’Agde


Cap d’Agde news and agenda
On this website we will also bring you the latest news about Cap d’Agde. We will start a news blog which will also give information about the program of activities and swingers parties through our swingers agenda. This way you will have a reliable source to find out where the parties can be found today and tomorrow. So don’t forget to check this website regularly or join our newsletter.
News and program


Images and videos from Cap d’Agde
In Cap d’Agde it is not allowed to take a picture or video from a person who did not give his permission to do so. That is the reason why there are relatively very little photos and videos from this naked city. Still more and more pictures are taken these days and the same goes for videos. If you have some material for us, which we may publish on this website, we would be very grateful.
Pictures and videos


Restaurants in Cap d’Agde
If you don’t feel like cooking in your own apartment or hotel room, there are plenty other things you can do. You can go to a sort of caterar with fresh food. All you have to do is put this meal in a microwave and you have a very good and healthy meal. And of course there are many restaurants present at the nudist center, which offer lots of different menus for reasonable prices. If you want more choice, outside of the nudist area, you can find a lot of other good restaurants in the center of Cap d’Agde.


Cap d’Agde general information
In this part, we will answer frequently asked questions about all kinds of general things. Sometimes times they do have a connection with nudism and naturism. E.g. what is the average temperature in Cap d’Agde and what is the best time to visit Cap d’Agde. This is important for people who want to recreate naked. If you come in the autumn, often the temperatures are not pleasant for nudism.
General information


Miscellaneous questions
We tried to classify all the frequently asked questions as good as possible into a number of main topics. But sometimes really aberant questions come to us, which we can’t post in the existing topics. For all questions we could not find a good rubric, we started this page.
Other questions