The naked foam parties of Cap d’Agde in the nudist resort

In 2008 the owner of Le Glamour had a brilliant idea. Until then, there was not much you could do in Cap d’Agde during daytime, except for going to the normal nude beach or walking to the swingers beach. But not everyone felt like going to the swingers beach and also this is a 15-20 minutes walk at least. People who are lying on the beach do not spent a lot of money. So the owner of Glamour decided to organize a party in the afternoon a few times, as a sort of try out. He invented the concept of a foam party where you could only enter if you were naked.

So in the summer of 2008 in high season there was this try out foam party at a Sunday in the afternoon. This naked mousse party concept became a instant success. This same summer he organized much more of these parties then he had originally planned. Once a week at Sunday people could visit this foam party and it became a very big hit.

Since 2009 the frequency of the parties has been increased and nowadays during high season there is a foam party every day, if the weather is good enough. These foam parties are very different from other mousse parties for two reasons. All couples who enter this place have to be naked. We believe that 90% of the couples who are visiting the foam parties are swingers. Maybe you can imagine what it will be like inside, when there are so many naked swingers partying in the sun in the foam with a certain amount of alcohol inside their bodies.


Where can i find the totally nude foamparty?
The naked foam party is organized in Le Glamour at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. However this is not on the same location as where you can find the entrance of the swingers club at night. The entrance to the mousse party you will find around the corner. Also make sure you go to the right foamparty, because there are more foamparties in Cap d’Agde.

When can i visit the nude foamparty?
Many people would like to know: When is the foam party?
In July and August there is a nude foam party every day in the afternoon, provided the weather is good enough. When it is very cold or it is raining heavily with strong winds, there is a chance the mousse pary will be canceled.

What are the opening hours of the mousse party?
The foam party starts at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and lasts until 7 o’clock in the evening. That means during this time the outside area of Le Glamour where the naked foamparty is organized, will be open for public. However this doesn’t mean that the actual foam party is going on for five hours.

What is the dress code of the naked foam party?
Many people who have never been to the nude foamparties want to know what they can/ may wear to the mousse party? People who go to the nudist center are used to naked people and often most people are naked themselves. Still some couples are really surprised when they read the sign at the entrance of the mousse party area. This sign says: “la nudité est obligatoire”, which means: “nudity is obliged”. And mousse party by the way is the translation in French for foam party.

How much does the nude foam party in Cap d’Agde cost?
The entrance fee to get access to the naked foam party for couples is as follows:
– you pay €20 admission fee at the cash register for one couple
– and you pay €3 at the garderobe to store your belongings
This is not a lot of money, given the fact you have a lot of fun in there for 5 hours.

Are singles allowed at the mousse party ?
There are three main conditions to get access to the foam party at the naturist area of Cap d’Agde:
1) You have to pay the entrance fee
2) You have to go in totally naked
3) You must be a couple (male/female)
But there are some exceptions.

The other frequently asked questions about the naked foam parties will follow in spring and summer of 2019.
This page was last edited on 7 may 2019