What happens on the swingers beach?

What is going on at the swingers beach of Cap d’Agde?

The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde is mainly visited by swingers (what a surprise) and couples who enjoy public sex, exhibitionism or voyeurism. In addition, there are many single men who are attracted by the sexual activities that take place on this beach. You won’t find real naturists or nudists here, who hate public sex and luckily you won’t see any families either, because the things happening on this beach are intended exclusively for the eyes of adults.

When you have arrived at the swingers beach, you will first have to score a good spot where you can put your towel(s). This seems like an obvious comment, but it can be incredibly crowded on the swingers beach and you are often sentenced to a spot at the back or at the sides, because in the middle you can’t even walk, let alone that there would be room for an extra towel.

As soon as you lie down and take a good look around you, after a very short while, you will undoubtedly see some action here and there. Often more is happening towards the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening than there will be at 2:00 p.m. Not long ago, the entire beach waited for the police station to close at 6:30 pm, but nowadays people seem to be less concerned about this. Don’t go to the swingers beach too early for hardcore action, there are hardly any people here in the morning, because swingers went out last night and are probably still sleeping. But you do have a chance to get a good spot on the beach, early in the morning.

Of course no day will be the same on the swingers beach, but most of the time you can expect the following actions. What happens a lot is that a woman is playing / teasing a little with her husband’s penis. Until it becomes quite stiff and then she leaves it alone for a while and then repeats the ritual. This can go on for some time and sometimes it stops here but just as often a gear is added. The woman then starts to suck the man. This can be done slowly of fast. Some women are also trying to hide their entire man’s stiff cock in the mouth and you can be witness of a deepthroat show. How long the blowjob continues depends on the couple, it can be 30 seconds, but the woman can also continue for a very long time.
Sometimes she continues until he has come, which can take a while, especially if he already came a lot of times during swinging the last days.

Conversely, of course, the same thing happens. There are men who pamper their wives orally on the beach and try to eat their wifes pussy on the beach until they come (squirting). Often enough, oral sex is just the foreplay, after which the real job begins. It is certainly no exception that couples fuck on Cap d’Agde’s beach in broad daylight in full sun, amid hundreds of other beach visitors standing and lying around it and watching the show.

If there are several couples together, then there is a good chance that they don’t have sex with their own partners. Instead of that, they prefer to swap wifes. As an outsider and a spectator, this is of course not always clear. Unless they change sex partner at some point, then you know for sure that they are swinging.

Triosex also occurs. Sometimes a couple is busy with each other and they allow a third person to join them (usually a single man) who gets sucked while the wife gets fucked by her own partner or vice versa. Don’t be surprised either if well-equipped African men are invited to sit down by a couple and the man of this couple watches with great interest how his wife is simultaneously taken by these two men with giant penises.

All this happens on a crowded beach while the next towel is right next to it. This can be half a meter away but also only less than 10 cm. If something like this happens on the towel next to you, then you might think you are lucky, because you will be in the good position to watch the show next to you, which will be super visible, for you, because this will take place right under your eyes.

But that happiness can be short-lived. If it is an interesting, beautiful couple who is sexing next to you or it is going on for a long time, more and more people start to gather around that couple and a circle of spectators forms around that couple. It can happen that you are almost overrun by single men who want a good view of what is happening.

And it’s not just the couples who have sex on the beach. The single men also sit, stand and walk around here without any shame with a stiff cock. While they are watching sexing and fucking couples, they obviously get into the mood as well. And since they have no one to play with, they are shamelessly jerking off, while standing on the beach watching the show. If something like this happens in the vicinity of your towel, then you have to pay attention to what happens next to you and above you. Theoretically a man could come above you and drop his sperm on your towel. But personally we have not had any bad experiences on this part of the beach and we have not heard any complaints about this from friends either.

Other forms of group sex, including gangbangs, can occur on the swingers beach of Cap d’Agde too. What you also may come across are bondage practices where a woman or a man becomes more and more involved in ropes for a longer period of time.
By the way, all the sexual activities mentioned don’t only take place on the beach, but also in the immediately adjacent dunes, which are also part of the naturist area.

In short, an afternoon at the beach can be very nice for lovers of public sex or voyeurism. However, it is certainly not the case that all couples who come to the swingers beach will also have sex. Some just enjoy the atmosphere and like to watch and be watched. So do not expect the entire beach to have sex all afternoon. Sex occurs very frequently but not everyone and everywhere at the same time. In our opinion, most of the simultaneous hardcore sex activities do not take place on the swingers beach but during the naked foam parties. Anyway an afternoon at the swingers beach will be a very nice activity. And you will see a lot of action for sure.

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