Can single men go to the mousse party

Do single men also have access to the foam party?

There are three main conditions to get access to the foam party at the naturist area of Cap d’Agde:
1) You have to pay the entrance fee
2) You have to go in totally naked
3) You must be a couple (male/female)

If you are unable or unwilling to comply with the above conditions, you will not be able to come in. That means in theory, single men or single women are not admitted. But the reality can be a little different.

It often happens there are single men in the queue present waiting for their turn to get in, but until now they are always picked out of the line and sent home. So at first sight that looks good. But almost every afternoon, sooner or later, you do find single men at the mousse party. We know some of them personally, so we can say for sure they have no partner. A single man can come in, if they are good friends with the staff, or with the help of a girlfriend who escorts a single man in and disappears again.

Single women are welcome anytime and a couple who brings an extra woman is no problem either. Probably because single women are generally not annoying and anybody can appreciates an extra woman inside. This is in contrast to single men, who could become a bit intrusive.

Luckily if there are any complaints they are kicked out again at once. Personally we have had no problems with single guys in the mousse and until now the amount of single men is very, very low.

We hope it stays that way. If there are only a few of them, they will hardly be noticed in a crowd of hundreds of couples and you won’t be bothered by them, but if this number will be increasing in the future it will not be good for the atmosphere. The foam parties are so popular, because this has only been for couples all those years. If more and more singles are able to work their way in, then it may well be over with the popularity of the foam parties pretty soon.

Our advice to single men:
If you are single man and you want to go inside, make sure you somehow bring a lady to the foam party, which is willing to stay with you all afternoon. That way you’re another couple and can have a lot of fun just like anybody else has.

Even better is to try to find someone in your circle of friends or on the internet who is willing to go on (a free?) holiday with you. That way you will be much more comfortable and you don’t have to walk around in Cap d’Agde by yourself. Also you can visit the naked foam party for couples as a “real” couple whenever you like and many other couples-only parties too.

You might try a swingers dating site which is also for single men and single women. The chances of finding a single woman on a swingers dating sites who likes swinger activities will be obviously much higher than on a normal dating site. And if you don’t succeed, you can make contacts with couples that will be in Cap d’Agde, because in Cap d’Agde are also lots of couples who do appreciate single men for threesomes or foursomes or even more. You can find couples and singles who will be in Cap d’Agde with the travel planner. Click here for details

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