Can singles go to Cap d’Agde?

Can a single man also come to Cap d’Agde?

Every person who has booked a holiday at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde or has purchased a pass for one or more days has access to the nudist village of Cap d’Agde. This applies to families, couples, single women and single men. You don’t have to be a swinger or a couple to get access to the nude terrain.. There are, however, a number of things to take into account, if you are a single.

Firstly, as a single man or single woman, you can’t just book anywhere. A number of hotels are strictly couples-only. If you book in such a hotel and you arrive as a single, you will have a big problem, because you simply can’t enter that hotel and you will lose your money. No exceptions are made for this. So pay attention during the booking process whether singles are allowed or not. See also hotels and holiday accommodations for singles to find out where singles are welcome. The most accommodations, by the way, are open to both couples and singles.

Secondly, you must be well aware that some parties and some clubs are exclusively intended for couples (male/female). In fact, we can safely say that the coolest swingers parties are couples-only, such as the naked foam parties and naked pool parties. The policy at the door is also strict. You really have to go inside as a couple, otherwise you can’t come in. And by couple we only mean men and women couples. Sometimes you see a male couple posing as a gay couple to come in as a “couple”, but they don’t fall for that. Only traditional couples have access. Read the page which places are accessible to singles and which are not, to know where you can and can’t enter as a single.

Furthermore, as a single man, you must realize that the vast majority of visitors to Cap d’Agde are couples. Many of these couples are (sexually) very interested in other couples and at best to a limited extent in single men. Yet a change is noticeable within the swingers lifestyle. This is mainly because nowadays it is no longer an exception to do a trio with an extra man for fun. Many women are no longer ashamed of being pampered by two or more men. And this action you increasingly see nowadays. Sometimes a number of singles are also invited to private swingercouples parties. See also our page what are the chances for singles to have sex, to learn how you can be successful as a single in Cap d’Agde.

As a single man you can of course enjoy yourself with all the other facilities that the naturist village of Cap d’Agde offers. Once you gained access to the nudist village, the nudist beach of Cap d’Agde is free accessible and it is great to be here. You can also walk naked all day and enjoy all the beautiful ladies and gentlemen that you’ll see walking around naked and you can watch couples having sex on the swingers beach. You are certainly not going to be the only single walking around and you have plenty of opportunity to make contact with couples or other male singles, so you don’t have to be alone.

Female singles are less common in Cap d’Agde, but you can see them more often nowadays. For the ladies who come alone, there are hardly any restrictions. A single woman is welcome at almost any party and making contact is also super easy, because a single woman is loved by 99% of all swingers.

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