How to book a holiday to cap d’agde?

Vacation in the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde 2024

Through this website you can book your nudist holiday to Cap d’Agde directly online on the Internet and receive immediate confirmation of your booking. With this confirmation, your reservation for your holiday accommodation in Cap d’Agde, will be guaranteed. This in contrast to the French websites where it can be rather difficult and result in a very disappointing experience when you find out the booking you made got lost. Or in best case you did manage to make a sort of reservation but you simply did not receive any acknowledgment or confirmation of your booking. At the bottom of this page you can read some bad experiences and some advice.

At the nudist center you can choose from all kinds of holiday accommodations such as: cheap hotels, very expensive hotel rooms, apartments, studios and villas. All these vacation rentals are located within the nudist center. In case everything is fully booked we also made a little overview of holiday rentals which are located just outside the nudist area.

If you like partying, swinging, drinking and being able to walk around the whole day without any clothes, we recommend a stay within the naturist village, if there is still availability. Because all these things are a lot easier to do and are much more fun when you are staying inside the resort. But in case there is no availability anymore, the vacation accommodations just outside the nudist resorts are a very good alternative.

Hotels within the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Natureva Spa Hotel (Best choice)
Oz’Inn Hotel (Best choice)

Apartments within the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Apartment Port Nature
Appartement Heliopolios

Check further down this page at “Provider several vacation accommodations” for more apartments.

Studio’s within the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Studio Port Nature
Studio 2 Port Nature
Studio Heliopolis
Studio 2 Heliopolis
Studio 3 Heliopolis
Studio naturiste Venus
Cabin Yaught Naturist Village

Check further down this page at “Provider several vacation accommodations” for more studios.

Villa’s at Cap d’Agde naturist city
Naturiste villa Cap Sauvage villa

Check the links underneath for more villa’s

Provider several vacation accommodations within the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Many studios, apartements and villas Port Nature
Several studios, apartements and villas Port Ambonne
Many studios, apartements and villas Heliopolis

Some words of advice when you are in the process of booking a vacation to Cap d’Agde
Before giving you the overview of the holiday accommodations just outside the nudist village, we will provide you with some usefull tips which might come in handy when you are in the process of booking your holiday to Cap d’Agde.

If you want to book for a certain year e.g. 2024, sometimes it is not possible to do this earlier than the first week of january 2024.

In high season many vacation rentals can only be rented for seven nights and in many cases these seven nights have to be from Saturday to Saturday.
So your stay has to be one week (or 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc)) and it is simply not possible to begin your holiday on a different day then Saturday.
Often you do not see a notification or warning about this.
You simply get the message that there is no availability around that time but if you adapt the arrival date to saturday and you make sure your booking is exactly a unity of 7 days (so 14 days, 21 days and 28 days are also good), there is a good chance, your will be able to complete you booking and receive confirmation at once, and if you do, your reservations is guaranteed.

Hotels just outside the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Hotel at 450 meters
Hotel at 1600 meters

Holiday apartments just outside the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Vacation apartement at 100 meters
Vacation apartement at 500 meters
Vacation apartement at 550 meters
Vacation apartement at 1400 meters
Vacation apartement at 1500 meters

Overige vakantie accomdaties just outside the Cap d’Agde nudist resort
Villas en cottages at 250 meters
Houses at 1000 meters
Bed & Breakfast at 1000 meters
Maisons at 1200 meters
Residence Club at 1250 meters

The reason we have put this overview of online instantly bookable holiday accommodations on this website is because of the many bad experiences with the French websites which are dealing with the reservations and bookings for the accommodations in Cap d’Agde.
French people are really nice guys, but if you don’t speak French you might have a problem. The population of France is not very good at speaking foreign languages. You are visiting their country, so in their opinion, you should speak the French language. Even within the touristic branch you will not find a lot of people who are capable of good communication in the English language.

If you want to book a holiday accommodation in Cap d’Agde at a French travel organization, you should be prepared that this process will cost you a lot of time, patientce and frustration.

We will share some experiences:
– when you call them and they find out you don’t speak French it could be they simply disconnect the phone line
– if you succeed in talking to someone, they promise that someone who can speak English will call you, but they do not return your call
– you send an email and you do not receive any reply in the next three weeks and thereafter it turns out that your apartment in Cap d’Agde is not longer available in that period
– you think you made a reservation, but later it turns out, you didn’t
– you think you succeeded in making the right reservation, but in fact they give you another accommodation or even worse in another period
– you have booked your accommodation through a website and receive some kind of automatic acknowledgment, but this is not a confirmation because one or two weeks later, you receive an email that they will check the availability for that period, which means you still do not have a reservation and you’ll have to wait again, hoping that you will receive some positive answer one day.

Fortunately it doesn’t always happen as described above, but you really should take into account that one or more of these situations can occur. This uncertainty is not relaxed, especially when you are in a hurry or you need a positive confirmation as soon as possible.

Other annoyances you might run into when trying to book at French travel websites.
– Often French websites give insufficient information about the location and accommodation
– Pictures sometimes are from other accommodations or outdated
– Almost always the communication will run very slowly and it will be difficult.
– You must wait for a very long time before you will receive a definite confirmation of your booked accommodation
– Often specific questions or requests will not be granted because they do not understand what you mean and they are just ignoring the text which they don’t understand

This whole communication problem starts again at the moment you want to do the payment. You do not receive a reply, when you are asking, if they have received your money. And since this is a very important obligation for the tenant of the vacation accommodation, you will find yourself again in a period of uncertainty, because if they did not receive your payment, they will rent your apartment to somebody else, preferably some French customers. We personally believe, this exhausting process of booking is not only a communication problem. It is also the way the French travel business is dealing with customer services.

That’s why we have put this list of vacation accommodations on our website. If you book here, everything is arranged immediately. You will receive a notification at once. And with this confirmation your reservation is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry anymore about your vacation. Meanwhile we keep hoping that the French customer service will improve in the coming years, so we do not have to make a list of holiday accommodations anymore in the near future.

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