Where is the swingers beach?

Where is the swingers beach of Cap d’Agde exactly?

The exact location of the Cap d’Agde swingers beach can’t be specified down to the meter, as there is no official marking where it starts.
So it could well be that today it shifted twenty meters compared to yesterday. However, where the swingers beach is located and can be found, will be clearly explained in general terms.

It does not matter from which entrance you walk onto the beach. From every beach entrance that belongs to the naturist village, you walk north as soon as you reach the beach. Like most naked people, if you don’t have a compass in your pocket, or you didn’t bring your phone with compass app, we have a few useful tips.

If you are standing on the beach with your face to the sea, then turn left. While you walk along the nudist beach, the Mediterranean Sea is on your right. The length of the walk depends entirely on where you entered the beach. In the worst case this is at the port. From the port you should count on an average twelve minute walk.

If you have entered the beach from the very last part of the campsite, at beach club Paralia / Sun Beach, it is only a few minutes’ walk along the nudist beach.
After you passed Paraila Beach Club, you will see a rescue / police spot a little further in the dunes. Often a flag is visible at this police “station” (not always). From here it is only a short walk further.

You know that you have arrived at the swingers beach at the moment you see that it gets much more crowded both in the sea and on the beach. In the sea there are often groups of people chatting or looking around and on the beach itself the towels are very close together. In the most crowded part in the middle, it is often not even possible, that you can walk on the sand in some places, because there is simply no free space in the sand to put down your foot.

If you still want to walk through it, then you literally have to walk over the towels of the people lying there, which of course is not appreciated. There are also a lot of unfolded umbrellas which you have to zigzag your way around. So it can get pretty awkward trying to walk naked, through this jungle of towels and umbrellas and this often can’t be done in an elegant way. Sometimes you trample some feet, bump your head into an umbrella, or you get stuck and you have to go back.

It is therefore more convenient to approach the swingers beach from the side or the back.

Still for clarity, the swingers beach is not completely at the end of the nudist beach. This would again cause problems with the people on the other side, which are recreating on a textile beach. From the end of the swingers beach it is about a six minute walk to the end of the nudist beach. Behind the end of the swingers beach, incidentally, there is a small part that is mainly visited by gay people. This part is therefore called the gay beach of Cap d’Agde. Hardcore action can be seen here between gays.

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