Access to the nudist resort

How to get access to the nudist city of Cap d’Agde

The nudist resort of Cap d’Agde can not be accessed freely. The whole area is protected against the outside world by fences, walls and water. At the entrance you will be stopped by security and barriers. To get access to Cap d’Agde you’ll need to have a special pass. Both daytrippers as people who have booked a vacation need a special access card which you will need, to get in and out the naturist center.

This special card can be bought at “the Accueil”. This is a sort of general reception for the nudist resort. This little building can be found at the utmost right of the buildings which are present right before the gates to the nudist center. If you are going to the nudist center by foot or by car, then it will be the last building at your right hand and it is a little hidden because it is in sort of curve to the right.
If you can’t find it just ask the security personnel, which are always present at the gate. If you arrive at Saturday in the afternoon in peak season, it is hard to miss because at that moment usually there is a big line of people waiting outside. Luckily nowadays four or five people are helping behind the desk, so the waiting time is relatively short.

Right before the entrance of this accueil you can find the price list. If you come with two persons and a car, the rates will be around €25.
If you have booked a holiday accommodation do not forget to show your confirmation of your reservation. Your card will get the same access time as the length of your vacation. So you will only have to pay this amount one time. Once you have your access card and gained access to the nudist center, you will have to pick up your key at the travel organization where you have booked. Usually you will have to wait here again.

Daytrippers which have come to Cap d’Agde by car, can best take the first possibility after the entrance to the right or the left. On both sides you will find parking space which is free. It is of no use to try to get a better spot, because the chances are incredibly low you will find a spot closer to the beach. From this parking spot it is about a six minutes walk to the nude beach, which can be accessed freely once you have entered the nudist city, four minutes walking to the foam party and one minute walking to the poolparty.

There is one other parking space available for people who are lazy or have problems walking. Close to Eden and Glamour, within the inner circle of Heliopolios that is a little parking space, which will cost you around five euros, independently how long you are staying. But beware if your car is still here after 20:00, there is a good chance you will be towed away. From this parking space it is about two minutes walking to the beach and one minute to the mousse party.

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