What is the dress code of the naked foam party?

What is the dress code of the naked foam party?

Many people who have never been to the nude foamparties want to know what they can/ may wear to the mousse party? People who go to the nudist center are used to naked people and often most people are naked themselves. Still some couples are really surprised when they read the sign at the entrance of the mousse party area. This sign says: “la nudité est obligatoire”, which means: “nudity is obliged”. And mousse party by the way is the translation in French for foam party.

A very small minorty of people who stay in Cap d’Agde do not like to be naked in public. They are only there for swingers activities and unless they are having sex with another couple, they like to keep their clothes on. So people who are not used to be naked can be scared of this sign. But there is no option here, if you want to go to the naked foam parties, the only dress code to get in is to be totally nude.

At the entrance there is a doorman, which gives you a bag from the sponsor, who is co-organizing this party that particular day. In this bag you have to put all your belongings and clothers, if you are still wearing some. So you will have to strip yourself completely, otherwise they won’t let you in.

This also is the case for the shoes you’re wearing. Even your slippers are not allowed. So you will enter the foam party area totally naked. The only things you are allowed to take in are: towels to sit on, some kind of pouch around your neck, where you can put your money (you can by one at the garderobe), sunburn, cigarettes, sunglasses and a hat. And that’s about it. After you have dropped the bag with your belongings at the garderobe you can enter the foam party naked and the party can begin.

Some people are trying to sneak in some other stuff like high heels. But the staff inside will certainly notice this at once, e.g. we witnessed how two Italian couples had managed to smuggle high heels inside for the ladies, but within a minute they were asked to leave the premises. High heels are very dangerous inside, especially in the actual foam party dance area. Sometimes you can barely walk here and with high heels you will certainly damage many feet of people who are standing and dancing in the foam. It is too crowded and because of the foam you can’t see what’s underneath the place you are walking.

If you dislike the idea to be totally naked at the foam party, because you feel somewhat insecure about your body, we can reassure you that inside you will find all kinds of people from all ages and all body types. If you think there will be only young supermodels inside, you are terribly mistaken. Of course there are also very pretty women and men inside with very good looking bodies, but at least 50% of the people inside have a less beautiful body type. Some people are slender but some people have a little too much weight or are just fat and they are really not ashamed to have fun while they are completely nude also, just like everybody else.

Also you see women with large breats and very small breats or breasts which are not simular. Men with very little dicks and men with huge dicks. It really doesn’t matter. Everybody is equal here and they all like to party. During all the times we have been to the nude foam parties (over 50 times) we have never heard any insults or laughter about the way someone looks. Also we have never encountered a fight here. It is too much fun to be angry or negative.

And if you want to have the feeling you are not completely naked, there is a sort of escape for you. In the nudist center are several shops where you can buy some mini skirts which exists of a small horizontal strap with some small silverish or gold looking strings hanging down vertically. This is accepted inside. It really is not hiding anything, because you can still see the woman naked buttocks and vagina very clearly, but somehow
it feels like you’re not completely naked.

Also during the party, the promoter will throw a number of T-shirts into the public with the name of the sponsor. If you happen to catch one of these shirts, you could put it on, they will allow it. But frankly we think it doesn’t look good at all inside the foam party area, where all people are naked and happy in the sun.

Finally if there is really a good reason why you can’t be totally nude, like you have a severe injury, they might allow you for once to enter with a T-shirt. This depends if the doorman understands and accepts your problem. But in general you never see people with clothes inside, except for the staff or promotion team which will be stripping later on at the bar.

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