Saunas for swingers in Cap d’Agde at the nudist resort.

If you have ever been to the nudist center of Cap d’Agde before, you might have noticed that there are multiple saunas present in this area. In case nobody told you what kind of activities take place in these saunas, you have probably asked yourself, what could be the purpose of a sauna when it is 30° degrees outside and why there are three saunas in a relatively small area.

Well these saunas are no normal saunas. Of course you can relax in the sauna where it is 100 degrees here aswell, but this is not the main attraction. Inside this place you will find many mattresses where couples are having sex with each other and with other couples. Public sex is allowed almost anywhere throughout the club.

Officially this sauna club is not only for swingers, also naturists and nudists are allowed. But if you notice a sign at the entrance which says couples only, then you can be sure it is a sort of sex sauna for swingers.

When you enter such a club, at first you don’t see anything unusual. Nudity is obliged and you have to undress and put your clothes in a locker. So far nothing strange. After you have undressed and entered the actual club, you will find a bar where you can order some drinks. And if you look around closely or you listen carefully you will notice that people are pleasuring each other sexually. For swingers this is business as usual, but if you are a lost nudist or naturist and accidentally went to this place, you will be shocked.

Totally there are three sex sauna for swingers at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde:

Sauna Le2et2 (Le deux et deux, 2+2) in Port Ambonne

Sauna Histoires-d’O in Port Ambonne (neighbours of Le2et2 and are connected internaly)

Sauna KamaSutra in Port Nature

Soon more information will follow about the saunas for swingers in Cap d’Agde.