From which countries swingers go to Cap d’Agde?

Which swingers nationalities can you meet in Cap d’Agde?

Swingers you encounter in Cap d’Agde really come from all over the world. There are probably few countries from which couples have never come to the naturist area of Cap d’Agde. For all we know, we have never met people from North Korea, to name an exception. But that doesn’t mean they have not been there.

Of course there are a number of nationalities that you’ll see a lot.

You will find a lot of French people, which is not surprising because Cap d’Agde is located in the South of France. You’ll see swingers, nudists and naturists from France every day and even mnore of them in August, when almost all of France is celebrating their holiday.

What is also striking is that there are relatively many Dutch people, despite the fact that the Netherlands has a small number of inhabitants compared to other countries. Maybe that is because there are relatively many swingers in the Netherlands. They are quite open-minded, which is also apparent from the very high number of bisexual women among the Dutch swingercouples.

You will also come across many Germans, Belgians, Italians, people from Scandinavia and Great Britain. People from Switzerland and Austria are also well represented, just like Russians, Spaniards and Portuguese. You can also find people from less obvious countries in Europe every year, such as Romanians, Turks and actually from every other country in Europe, including the small countries such as Malta and Iceland.

Of the non-Europeans, the Americans are probably in the majority. People from the USA often prefer to spend their holidays in their own country, but unfortunately for them there is only one place like Cap d’Agde and that is located in Europe. Furthermore, it is striking that we are seeing more and more Brazilians and also people from India, Thailand, Israel, Australia and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). You can even find some couples from various countries of Africa. But they are in the minority.

In short, to prevent us from mentioning every country in the world, you can remember that you can almost find any nationality here, but most of the people you’ll see are Europeans celebrating their swingers holiday and they do know how to party.

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