Which accommodations and hotels can be booked by singles?

Which hotels and holiday accommodations are suitable for singles?

The vast majority of holiday accommodations in the Cap d’Agde nudist resort can be booked by singles, swingers and families. This applies to around 95% of all apartments, studios, villas and places on the camping site. We do, however, advise singles when they make booking to explicitly say that you are coming alone. So even if you only enter one name, you also make clear in the comments field that you will only come as a single.

Make sure you have proof of this in the form of a print screen and also bring this proof to Cap d’Agde. If there by any change should occur a conflict, then it is not your problem, because you have indicated this correctly during the booking and you have proof of this. However we don’t expect problems and we don’t know any case in which an accommodation was refused, but just to be sure and prepared. However do pay attention when you book, if it says couples only, then you know it will not be for singles.

As a single you have plenty of different holiday accommodation options to choose from and you never have to walk for more than 5 minutes to the nudist beach. That walk, can be done in your bare ass, because you are on a nudist terrain.

Hotels where you can book as a single are:
Hotel Natureva Spa with free nude indoor swimming pool for guests
Hotel Oz’Inn
Please state explicitly that you come with one person in the comments. These hotels are not only for singles, because the majority of the guests are couples (usually swingers). But singles can book here as well.

The relatively young Natureva Spa Hotel in particular has a very good price-quality ratio. Especially when you look at the number of square meters you get per euro.

This is also the only hotel with a sauna and a large indoor swimming pool, where you as a hotel guest can swim nude for free and make contact with couples and singles. Furthermore, you can get a massage.

It is also worth mentioning that this hotel has its own fitness center, which is also free for hotel guests. Note that if you book in high season, you can usually only book from Saturday to Saturday. 7 days, 14 days 21 days, etc. otherwise you can get a message that there is no more space. But this alert can be incorrect, in many cases there are still vacancies, but they only want to rent it from Saturday till Saturday.

A list of other accommodations can be found at the bottom of this page.

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