What is the swingers beach?

What kind of beach is the swingers beach?

The swingers beach of Cap d’Agde is nothing more and nothing less than a small part of the very large nude beach of 2 kilometers long. It is also part of the naturist area of Cap d’Agde.

The beach itself looks like exactly like the rest of the beach and the coastline. There are no fences, the sand and the sea are exactly the same as a few meters away on the normal nudist beach. This is no different. But what is special is, that on this location a lot of swingers are lying very close to each other and there are a lot of public sexual activities, that can be watched by everyone who is there on that beach as well.

The swingers beach was spontaneously created many decades ago by couples who found it exciting to do more on the beach than just the normal things, such as sunbathing, reading a book, lazing around and going into the sea. In itself this is not surprising. You’re on holiday, maybe drinking some alcohol on the beach, lying completely naked in the sun with your nude partner next to you, together with hundreds of other couples around you who are also lying naked in the sun.

You can imagine that people feel like doing naughty things. Even normal people who are not into swinging, would get into the mood. The only difference with a normal nudist place is that swingers have an above-average sex drive and they usually have no problem while others will see that they are having sex. So they let nature take its course and simply do, what they feel like doing and they do it right there on the spot. The result is a lot of erections and a lot of sex.

To prevent nudists and naturists who don’t want to have anything to do with public sex, to see this , it was decided a long time ago that the swingers would be as far away as possible, out of sight from the tourists, who are only on the beach for naturism/ nudism and also far beyond the reach of the beach where the families are recreating.

Whoever decided to do so is unknown, at least it wasn’t the government, because public sex is officially not allowed. Also the swingers beach officially does not exist. You won’t find a sign anywhere that indicates, which way you have to walk to get to the swingers beach and you won’t find a sign either that says you arrived at the swingers beach, here you can fuck your partner in public.

However, all couples who like to swing, know how to find this beach every year. It has become a tradition and will probably last for decades to come, until the government possibly decides to take real action, which we hope, they don’t.

For the time being, that is not the case. The police and the security people nowadays just look the other way when couples are having sex. Or just the opposite happens and they do take a closer look, but only because they like to watch it too. This beach has become a tourist attraction that brings in a lot of money. Swingers who come to Cap d’Agde to party, bring in tens of millions of euros every year and Cap d’Agde benefits from that. Therefore, we don’t see it happen very soon that swingers will be banned. An average swinger spends a lot more money than an average naturist.

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