What makes the nudist resort so unique?

What makes the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde so unique?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is: almost everything makes Cap d’Agde very special and unique in the world. It can not be compared to any other swingers resort or nudist resort anywhere.

Cap d’Agde contains the biggest nudist center and swingers center of Europe and even the biggest worldwide. There is no place anywhere which has the same dimensions and amount of visitors as Cap d’Agde has every year. Each summer tens of thousands of nudists, naturists and swingers are coming to Cap d’Agde to enjoy everything, it has to offer.

The nudist town of Cap d’Agde is truly a little city of its own. It contains supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, saunas, a fitness center, a liquor shop, specialized fruits and vegetables shops, atm’s, many boutiques, bars, terraces, discotheques, clubs, swinger clubs, restaurants, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a marina, massage salons, a medical center, a laundry, catering services and more.

And this is only the part outside the nudist camping site, because if you also calculate the camping place in the total area of the naturist city, it’s sized will be almost doubled. At the camping you can also find more services and facilities but this camping sites is only accessible for residents of the camping site.

Beside the village and camping of the nudist area of Cap d’Agde, you can also find one of the largest nude beaches of the world. The beach is spacious and around 2 km long.

Cap d’Agde is not only known for nudism and naturism. In Cap d’Agde you will find the biggest swingers community of the world for sure. And in this place a lot of sexswapping takes place every day.

Swingers from all continents are gathering here together to party. Every day there are one or more erotic, naked parties which you can visit and swingers can have a lot of fun 24/7 with like-minded people. There are many private parties which are organized by swingers. But also Cap d’Agde is known for its unique naked foam parties (mousse parties), which are organized on daily basis in the afternoon. On top of this, twice a week you can visit a naked pool party as well.

For swingers there is a sort of separate beach too, known as the swingers beach, which is part of the normal nudist beach. It is very crowded and more or less, only intended for naked people who like to see public sex. On this particular beach, naked swingers are enjoying the sun, the water and if they feel like having sex, they just do it on the beach with their partner or some else.

Next to this, in the evening, swingers can party in swingers bars and swingers clubs, where public sex is allowed in most places as well.

We can truly say there is no place anywhere in the world where all this is possible and where are so much swingers parties going on. Together with the amount of space, where you can be naked and enjoy your nudism or naturism, we can not conclude anything else than Cap d’Agde is unrivalled and the best nudist resort and swingers resort of the world. It really is a unique place to celebrate your vacation or to visit this place for one or more days.

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