Where is the naked poolparty organized?

Where are Cap d’Agde’s naked pool parties organized?

The location and frequency of the nude pool parties is a kind of surprise every year. The first years it was once a week in Le Jardin de Babylone. Then a number of years twice a week, once in Babylone and once in Le Jardin d’Eden. In 2015 until 2021, from mid-July onwards til the end of August, the sex pool party was organized in Babylone during high season (with a few exceptions, mainly early high season), which was a surprising choice, because the space and pool at Babylone is much smaller than at Eden.

It also depends a little in which months you are going to Cap d’Agde. If you go early in season there is a chance some poolparties will take place in Eden.

So our forecast for 2022 is: In high season all pool parties will be held in Babylon. Early in season (beginning of June), there is a good chance one pool party will be organized in Eden, because of the larger size and other facilities. We suspect it also has a lot to do with noise pollution. Eden is located very close to the mousse party location, which is producing a lot of decibels as well. To make things worse they are both organized at exactly the same time. So this can be a little annoying for people who are staying in the neighborhood and trying to take a nap in the afternoon, and trying to forget their hangovers.

For couples who don’t know where Babylone and Eden are, here is a short description.

Location Le Jardin de Babylone
If you come from outside the naturist area, Hotel Babylone is right after the barriers. On the left you will notice a large parking area where you will find two hotels. Natureva Spa is the first hotel you’ll see. To the right you can see the slightly lower building of Le Jardin de Babylone.
If you come, like most other swingers from inside the naturist area, you can walk towards the exit and then just before that walk turn to the right into the large parking lot. If you are a resident of the camping, then you walk past the main entrance and turn right at the first possibility and after about 50 meters, turn right again at the first possibility.

Location Le Jardin d’Eden
Hotel Eden is a little more difficult to find for non-residents. If you are not staying in the naturist area, it is best to ask for directions by the barriers or visit our map page (that page is still under development). For the people who do stay in the naturist village. Eden is located in the inner circle of Heliopolis between the beach and le Glamour on one hand and the shopping center of Heliopolis on the other hand. You will find the entrance to Eden next to the small paid parking lot.

We wish you a lot of pool party fun.

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